TRAVEL : 11 reasons to be at SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara

1) Staying in the heart of Goverdhan

Goverdhan is in the heart of Braj, the place where glories of Lord Krishna are witnessed. So is the resort! It is located in parikrama marg and just 1.5 km from the Dan ghati temple. It is a blessing to stay close to the temples and witness the sanctity of the supreme goverdhan parvat all around

2) Exploring nature and its beauty Beauty

Goverdhan is what beauty does! Such is the beauty of this place. 83% of this exotic resort is smiling with greenery. The enthralling charm of this place offers a soothing experience of bliss. Go beyond pollution and breathe in fresh, breathe nature

3) Yes! Its photogenic

The landscapes here are so beautiful that eyes catch the enchanting views and capture the moments forever. It might be your short visit but it will never get off your mind for the long term. The picturesque resort and the surrounding temples around the goverdhan parvat makes it the best place to get your memories with the friends and family shot

4) Calming experience of Divinity

The perfect place for one who wants to raise his being and calm his soul under the divine blessings of Goverdhan. If you are looking for a peaceful place with the presence and feel of almighty, this is a perfect place for you

5) Relishing SPA – “ANUBHUTI”

Are you always chasing time and struggling to make moments for yourself?. If yes! Then, Anubhuti is all about you. Keep aside the worries and reverse the stress. The exclusive massages, therapies, facials, steam and sauna baths are all set to make you twinkle with the glow of inner joy. Recreate your persona with complete wellness and positivity. Undoubtedly, this place will make you fall in love with yourself

6) Squeeze the stress out of you

The rejuvenating experience of relaxation and pleasure , away from the hustles of the city, instils a never forgetting and cosy love for the place. And there begins the journey to de-stress. The freshness of greenery and divine glories detox the stress out of you, making you gasp how easy and cheering it can be. All that you have to do is be here

7) Aromas of taste

If you are a food lover then the aromatic aura of the multi-cuisine restaurant is just the right place for you. The finger-licking good food is served on plate with the warmth of dedicated service. All the more, the exotic delicacies of the traditional food connects you well with the specialties of Braj. All set to pamper your taste buds

8) Wedding Destination

The weddings are meant to be joyous, keeping aside all the hustles and bustles of the arrangements. The resort offers perfect stay, mesmerizing arrangements and host the most cared, and organised weddings. If you have dreamt a heavenly marriage you can cherish life long, this is it. The destination ensures bringing your wishes into reality.

9) Luxurious yet meditative stay

If you are willing to spend time with your family and friends in Braj and relish it, then there is no other resort which can come up to your expectations. The luxurious clusters of cottages give an immense comfort of staying. The pool of amenities give you no time of boredom. All that you are left with is fun-frolic indoor, outdoor games like table-tennis, swimming pool, yoga, health club and a lot more to unravel.

10) Conference room

If your business is at stake and you cannot afford to risk the perfection, then this place would call you over and over again. The professionally set conference room have access to internet and stands forth to meet all your professional needs in the remote area. Besides, the luxurious resort with fine dining will definitely please your guest. Hosting in perfection is everything desired.

11) Buggies

Discovering new is always refreshing. The buggies here are meant for touring but the experience gained is very refreshing and offer you a splendid exploration of the hugely spread beauty tirelessly. So that you don’t miss anything.

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