CAUSES : 2016 years since Christ

Jesus Christ is revered as the son of God and the savior of mankind. The Bible is essentially about Christ and the Kingdom promised to him by his father. 2016 years after Christ, people around the globe are looking forward with renewed hope to the second coming of Christ and the establishing of this Kingdom of his. Since there are a host of other prerequisites to this happening, let’s first take a look at the world so far.

The world, as we know it today, is very different from the time Christ wandered here preaching the word of God. Ancient kingdoms have given way to a new world order with democracies being the new political system. Numerous wars have been fought since then, and atrocities of the worst kind have been committed in the name of faith and religion.Terrorist attacks are something we have come to take as part of normal life in many countries.Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tsunamis have changed the landscape of many countries, and many a time people have felt that “this” is the end.

But it wasn’t. The good in others came out at the time of such disasters. People around the globe have gathered together to help those in need through cash, kind and physical presence. The United Nations works ceaselessly for the growth and development of not just a few countries, but to improve the quality of life the world over. People are increasingly talking about the need for a global conscience.

Coming back to the Bible, it talks of the second coming of Christ only after a period of ‘Great Tribulation’ and the ‘Rapture’. It talks of the ‘Antichrist’ taking over the world first, entering the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and demanding to be worshipped as ‘God’.  It is only after this period of utter chaos and desolation that mankind is supposed to be saved by Christ yet again. The faithful shall then be ruled by the Son of God. The question is, are we there yet? There might be many things wrong in the world 2016 years after Christ; but we cannot say it is being ruled by the Antichrist. 

So should mankind stop hoping for the return of its savior? Not quite. The Bible also talks about ‘always being ready’ for his return. This should be interpreted as being good and kind always, and never losing faith in the Lord. We could follow the words of Mother Teresa “Our work is only the expression of the love we have for God.” Christ may or may not come back in 2016, but we can always establish his kingdom in our hearts.