MOMENTS : 25 ways Valentine Day is celebrated world over

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. Explore the 25 ways these people celebrated on the Valentine Week in all over the world with customs and traditions. get 25 Unique Valentine's Day Facts And Traditions and Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Yes, we all know its Valentine Week, the festive epitome of Love and Romance. No, this isnt about who why when. Its just about people like you and me who love to celebrate this week with great fun and surprises. Its pretty normal right? unlike those sadhus and politicians may be thinking about banning it too. Lets forget that and figure out just some 25 ways these people celebrated the Valentine Week.

25, they were getting married in December and after all these years, It indeed was a Dream come True. He proposed to her on a rainy day right beside the chai stall at their old college.

24 year old children, and age of 47 was little too early to be alone. She decided to take a chance and her children gifted her the passion of her life. A stage in the Digital world of Stories and Blogs. 5000 Likes in 50 Days was the love for her passion..

23 minutes, she spent running and hiding from the hands and eys of drunk men. They kept hurling abuses and blaming her short red dress. Just then an autowala alerted the police and stayed to distract them.

22 times he wrote and narrated the story to the publishers, before he published the excerpts online and cheered. This was his celebration of his works.

21 was about the right age to get married. All her cousins did. They instead decided to let her fly High amongst the CEOs and CFOs of the startup India. It was her chance to celebrate Love for a Career.

2 years late, at 20 she was disheartened to start with higher education after her case of Depression. But her teacher came to her rescue with an application form and helped her to pursue her dream to be an Architect.

The 19 runs that he scored in his state level Cricket Chanmpionship earned him the The Man of the Match title and huge sum of money with which he built up the sports facilities for his village school giving a chance to more Titles.

18, a memorable birthday. He went to a birthday bash at the Soor Kuti blind School. His friends had put up cloth decorations and flowers with a Rockstar Birthday cake. It was their wish.

17 was the day, they had met on a starry night. She was bedazzled in his love out of the senses. And then one day when it was over She learnt to live and moved on to be herself. Love is that what lets you be yourself.

Size 16 the big fat lady, she was body shamed and traumatized. Then one Day, she worked it out and made her body feel better. She joined the gym.

15 thrashes and shoutings later, his parents decided to throw him out of the house and pick her up. Now then never, they supported her.

14 years of imprisonment, that night he saw his 16 year old daughter once again and narrated her the stories of his meeting with himself. He was glad to have changed. She hugged her Dad.

13 days of a preparation, day and night performances to a stage of 1000 audience, She won the love of her life and the Best Dramebaaz Trophy.

12 Days, that was all it took for a tour of a lifetime. The Online community he had joined, planned a travel photography expedition to the Poles. And that was it, - his love for travel fulfilled.

11 years of a furry life, he was now old but still as cute as when they adopted him from outside their house. He licked their hands smeared in cake in the making and they all had a good laugh.

10 family members and they all loved her like their lucky charm coz she loved their smiles and life loved her back. The Love of family was celebrated everyday.

9 mantras were chanted and the whole street rejoiced. She had borne a girl to the family.

8 stairs up she breathed heavy, someone rushed to hold her hand and up the stairs they climbed. Decades back she had taught him to cross the street. The Bond of a teacher and student.

7 steps later, he promised to ber hers forever physically, emotionally and especially. And they lived happily ever after

6 pups were found outside her society, and the people decided to throw them away. She took the step forward to own them, feed them and get them adopted. Her friends joined in. This was her shelter.

The 5 decades of life spent, this Man and his wife, started off a camp for children who lost the Love of their lives, in tsunami 2006 in Southern Asia. They celebrated the love for their children who they lost in that Tsunami. And this was the promise of love between parents and their children of other mothers.

4 religions and 4 friends celebrated the love of friendship in the smallest house at the corner of a village. The bonfire at night was an yearly ritual for their families.

More than 3 decades of duty and accounting. He was finally taking the white note of Retirement. His colleagues aged 25 30 celebrated his dedication and his advices.

2 scores of life, childhood and married life, the trouble had started. He decided to help her through the house hold chores and spend a little more time to celebrate their love and togetherness.

1 Day at 48, he felt lost and tired. His children had graduated and he had earned enough. But he wasnt happy, so he planned a getaway trip for himself and his wife after those 30 years of endless work routine. He decided to love life.