BRAJ : 3 Offbeat Holy Sites in Land of Braj

Braj Blog – Know the details and explore 3 Offbeat Holy Sites in Land of SHRI Krishna by SHRI Group.

Each step of Braj Yatra is about Krishna Leela and deep bonding between God and His devotees. Here are the three sites in Braj region that speak of Ultimate Love & Devotion towards Krishna:

Raskhan Tila: Grave of Muslim Bhakt of Lord Krishna

Manus Hon to Wahi Raskhan, Bason Mili Gokul Gaon ke Gwaaran
(Only He is a Man, Who Lives Among the Cowherds of Gokul)

Naturally, Raskhan's grave or 'Raskhan Tila' is found in Gokul. Raskhan was Muslim and his real name was Sayyad Ibrahim. But he was so touched by the God of Love - Krishna that he is remembered as one of Krishna’s greatest devotees today. Raskhan was a great poet and even today his Dohas, Padas and Savayya are quite popular in Braj region. It is perhaps the only Hindi holy site in India dedicated to a Muslim.

Madhuvan: Forest of Demons Turned to Land of Love and Ecstasy

Madhorvanam Prathamato, Yatra Vai Mathurapuri
Madhudaityo Hato Yatra, Harina Vishvamurtina
- Adi Varaha Purana

Madhuvan was the place where Lord Vishnu slayed a demon called Madhu Daitya and since then, he was called Madhusudan. People bathe in holy Madhu Kund or Krishna Kund here.

Child devotee Dhruv meditated in the forest here and Lord Vishnu granted him absolute sovereignty over Earth for 36,000 years and that of Dhruva Lok thereafter. Dhruv Tila can still be seen here.

At the time of Lord Rama, Shatrughna killed Madhu’s son Lavanasur and set up a temple of Lord Adivaraha. The temple and the cave of Lavanasur are among the holy sites around here.

Krishna used to come to this forest with his cows and played His flute here. His pastimes with his cowherd friends, cows and calves, and gopikas are the subject of verses and bhajans of many of his followers. It is said that once Krishna’s elder brother Dauji heard of intense longing of Brajwasis for Krishna and went to console them. But he was so touched by their emotions that he himself got immersed in Shyaam Ras and acquired His blackish-blue color. The black idol at Dauji temple is an ultimate example of being one with the God.

Maan Sarovar: Where Krishna begged for Radha’s Forgiveness

At one time, Sri Radha got annoyed with Krishna and came to this gorgeous lakeside. Sri Krishna had to make some efforts to cool Her down. The sublime spot is blessed with Nature’s beauty and glory – the sparkling lake, the abundant greenery and the sound of birds.

This is how Krishna loves those who love Him. Come to Braj and be immersed in the unlimited and unconditional love of Krishna!