BRAJ : 3 Holy Things in Braj Mandal that Go Back to the Time of Krishna

Yatra Vrindavanam Nasti
Yatra No Yamuna Nadi
Yatra Govardhano Nasti
Tatra Me Na Manah-Sukham

                                     Shri Radhikovacha, Garg Samhita

(In the Goloka, when Krishna and Radha had not yet descended on Earth) Shri Radha said, “My heart cannot be happy where there is no Vrindavan forest, no Yamuna river, and no Govardhan Hill.

Once all the devatas (demigods) went to Golok (the Heavenly Abode of Krishna and Radha) and requested Krishna to descend on Earth and save them from asurs (demons). Krishna did not want to go to Earth without His divine soulmate Radha…and Radha did not want to go anywhere where there is no Yamuna, Vrindavan and Govardhan.

Hence, Krishna sent the three things dear to Her – Govardhan full of delightful caves, vines abundant with fruits, birds and peacocks; dark and meandering Yamuna river; and the 47-kos portion of Vrindavan to Earth.
With their divine origins, the three things so dear to Krishna and Radha are the lifelines of their devotees to this day. They are also the only things from Krishna’s times that have survived:

1. Pilgrims still touch Vraj ki Raj - the dust of Vrindavan and Mathura - reverently to their foreheads as it has been sanctified by the feet of Krishna. Despite its ancient past, Vrindavan had got lost in anonymity. In 1515, Chaitanya Mahaprabbhi re-discovered it. He was the one to found most of the holy places associated with Shri Krishna.

It is said that the area stills bear His chihna (traces). Vrindavan you see today has a lot to tell about Time’s travails and the glory of Krishna.

2. For centuries, River Yamuna has been serving as a memory-anchor of Krishna's pastimes as a child and teenager. There are many episodes from Krishna’s life associated with the river and its banks – including Kaaliya Naag Daman (overcoming the extremely poisonous Kaaliya Snake), stealing the clothes of gopis bathing in the river, teasing Radha and her friends who came here to fill their pots and many more.

Shri Yamuna finds mention in the Vedas as Yami - the sister of Yama - the God of Death. Also known as Kalindi, she is also believed to be one of the eight chief wives of Krishna. Agni Purana depicts Her as black in colour with the tortoise as her mount and a water pot in her hand. It is believed that drinking the water of Yamuna absolves one of all the sins.

3. There is no end to the glory of Govardhan Parvat – Shri Giriraj Ji (the Kings of all Mountains). He is said to be just another form of Krishna and the 21 kos Govardhan Parikrama is said to help one’s soul to attain Salvation. Read about the origins of Govardhan Ji here.

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