TRAVEL - Benefits of family holidays

Family Holidays Are The Key Source Of Happy Memories. According to a research 49% of people said their happiest memory is being on holiday with their family. We at Brij Vasundhara warm and welcoming ambience is all set to cater to the needs of your family

List of Holidays is perhaps one of the most endeared possessions for kids and adults, alike. After a long hectic day, a countdown to the upcoming holiday is definitely the best stress-buster.

1. There’s nothing better than a family spree. What makes it better is reinforcing the bond that has since long been fading away amid the tiring routine.

2. Family holidays enrich us with beautiful memories forever etched in our mind and heart. An adventure tour, intimate discussions and infinite family selfies – all of them bring out the essence of a family.

3. Your family holidays are the most comfortable among all other holiday journeys. As you have spent almost the entirety of your life with your family, the comfort factor is always high.

4. Most of the time we get so busy in our life that we often neglect the intricate needs of our children. A family holiday opens up that scope for you to interact with your kids and strengthen the ties.

5. Family holidays enable family members to express a lot about their favorite things and this in turn allows you to know a deal about them.

Brij Vasundhara with its warm and welcoming ambience is all set to cater to the needs of your family and the hospitality team is dedicated to bring out the best of your vacation. The offset location of the resort takes you away from the tantrums of city life and offers you an opportunity to explore the wonders of nature at close quarters.