5 Day trips from Goverdhan

Travelling to the new places and being in the religious atmosphere has always been the reason of a healthy and peaceful body. If you are planning a trip to Goverdhan then you can definitely experience a soothing and relaxing visit here. From the holy visit to the exclusive stay in our classic resort SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara, everything will be according to the expectation. Goverdhan is welcoming the visitors for an economic and memorable visit.

The list of all the nearby attractive places near Goverdhan is mentioned below:

Vrindavan: Vrindavan is a very well known place and another holy place near Goverdhan. A visitor can witness the incredible serenity in Bankey Bihari Temple. Prem Mandir is also worth visiting in Vrindavan as a spectacular light and sound show occurs here. You can enjoy the unique flavor of Vrindavan by tasting Aloo Chat and Lassi here. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is another centre of attraction here.

Mathura: A soul touching peaceful surrounding can be found in Janam Bhoomi Temple, Mathura Museum, Vishram Dwarikadhish Temple and Yamuna Banks in Mathura. The famous Peda from Brijwasi can surely enhance the pleasure of the visit.

Barsana: Visitors travel to this place for Radha Rani temple which is a well known temple in Uttar Pradesh.

Gokul: It is considered as the home place of Lord Krishna. People visit this place due to the beautifully architected Nanda Bhawan.<

Agra: The world famous Tajmahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, can be found here.

The trip to the nearby places of Goverdhan can definitely turn into a memorable lifetime experience.