BRAJ : 5 Divine Forms of Shri Giriraj Ji You may See during Govardhan Parikrama

Namo Våndävanäìkäya
Tubhyaà Goloka Mauline
Namo Govardhanäya Ca....
Garg Samhita

Obeisances to One Who Sits in the Lap of Vrindavan. You are the Crown of Goloka (World of Krishna and Radha); the Parasol of the Supreme Personality of All Godheads. My Obeisances to such Govardhan.     

We all have heard of the story when Krishna asked Nand Baba and other villagers to worship Govardhan Parvat, instead of Indra Dev, as the hill provided nourishment to them and their cows. The villagers agreed but were not sure whether the Hill – made of rocks and stones – can actually accept their offerings and bless them. It is then Lord Krishna manifested Himself as a gigantic form in the midst of Govardhan and declared, “I am the Hill” and ate all the food offered to Him.

Ever since then, Govardhan and Krishna has been declared as One. This is the swaroop of Shri Giriraj Ji that you readily see when you circumambulate the Sacred Hill.

But there are other forms in which Govardhan Parvat is said to offer darshan to his true devotees. There is a very famous story about Shri Vallabh Acharya – the founder of Pushti Marga.

It is said that once a devotee asked him how to see the divine form of Shri Giriraj Ji.

Acharya ji said, “One who does Govardhan Parikrama three times in a day – without stopping – most certainly see his divine form.”

The devotee was determined to have the true darshan of the sacred hill and started the long intense pilgrimage yatra with full faith and devotion. On the way, he saw a White Snake, 7-8 year old Cowherd, Lion and Cow.

After his third circumambulation, he came back to Vallabh ji and told him about his experiences. Acharya ji said, “You are exceptionally blessed, son…as you saw all the five divine forms of Shri Giriraj Ji that scriptures mention – the Sacred Hill, the Cow, the Cowherd, the White Snake and the Lion.

The rare White Snake is said to be the form of Adi-Shesh – the Primordial Snake and the powerful and agile Lion has always been believed to be one of the favorite mounts of the Adi-Shakti – the Primordial Goddess.
Did you know that Krishna took multiple forms of cows, calves and his fellow cowherds for one entire year?

Once upon a time, Lord Brahma descended to Earth to meet the Vishnu avatar Krishna and found it difficult to believe that the naughty child stealing ‘makhan’ from the huts and playing pranks on gopis could really be a divine being.

To test Him, he rounded up all the Kishna’s beloved cows and calves and his friends (cowherd boys) and took them to Brahma Lok. Krishna, who already knew it all, took multiple forms as cows and calves and cowherds – and everything continues as it had always been.

After a year, when Brahma came again expecting to see misery all around, He was surprised to see tht nothing had changed. it was then, he realised his folly and asked forgiveness from Krishna.

Since then, Cows and Cowherds of Vrindavan have been considered as holy as Krishna Himself.

If you go for Govardhan Parikrama with full faith and devotion in your heart, do keep your eyes for one of these divine forms of Girirar ji.