CAREER : 5 ON the Comp SKILLS age 10 KIDS need to know

Career Blog Ė if you want to save your 10 years kidís career, they must be these 5 computer skills to set his/her bright future.

The Digital times and the Digital Literacy is the code to a Childí Fast paced learning. Just like 3Rs, this is the key to survival and development for kids, raking in computers, tablets and mobiles. Every kid is expected to be a whiz kid right when he starts tapping the mobile touch screen. Right or wrong but the literacy demands awareness along with education. Going ahead, we just figured out some easy to play, apps that your kid would could should love to get hands on before the age of 10.

THE Movie Directors
Just use Shadow Puppet Edu, available on Itunes to create videos long and short to narrate stories and explain ideas going on in the little mind. Its easy, Its playful and it creative. And next you can showcase the work to everyone. Just bubble up the confidence and He could be the next Director.

The coding Master
Ah, the code. Its all so messy but with the Scratch, an app developed by the MIT Students, your kid can learn the basics of code and programming through visual aids. In no time, creating variables, triggering loops and and making interactive apps† one or two would be his forte. Donít worry how, just get on to it and go through the number of tutorials to help you through. Next your kid will be spinning some handy apps for you.

The Artist
Not long ago, the world has developed a little too fast to grasp but we used MS paint to paint and draw. And today its Adobe Photoshop, the most basic and wonderful tool your kid is going to edit his photos on and frame up your walls with. Oh no, just insta them instead coz who uses photo frames now. Or you could be asking your little one to design a Professional Digital Card or Invitation for your Parties. Its that easy with a 15 day Training.

The App Engineer
Right from his birth, you wish the kid turns out be an engineer or Doctor. But how about just letting him play with code in this interactive 3D programming environment, Alice. Just download it for free and sping out some animations, videos, and interactive games while learning the The Object Oriented Programming, a big word it is. This app makes it easy with instructionas and commands to 3D modeling just like the ones you use in the most advance C+, Java (the Android App Language) and C#.

The 3D Modelling Artist
Start with some cubes and cylinder to even buildings and houses, Sketchup is the app by Google, just like MS paint of the 3D world, and swear by it even the architects use it everyday in offices. So donít take it easy, it is good, it is easy and itís the best the kid is going to learn for the next 10 years of his age. She or He, every kid is a whizkid, only you gotta get them be creative. And then we have all heard about 10 year old millionaires billionaires. Who Knows!