REALTY : 5 Reasons You are looking to own a Home

Each client who comes to us at SHRI Group to buy a flat or a duplex has a different reason to plunge into the big purchase. Here are the 5 top reasons why people purchase homes in India:

Buying a Dream Home:

A House is made of Bricks & Beams,
A Home is made of Love & Dreams.

From the high-tech ultra-modern studio apartments to sprawling mansions in the suburbs, dream homes come in different shapes, sizes and locations.

Owning a home is a matter of pride for us and gives us a sense of stability in life.

Rental Income: When you rent out a flat, you know that your investment is safe and will keep growing too. The rent you get is just the monthly interest you make on it. You can use this as a retirement plan for your old age too.

Appreciation of Property: One of the main reasons why people want to buy plots or houses is the appreciation of the property over a 10-15 year time frame. A flat you buy now for Rs 40 lakh could be worth Rs 2 crores after 20 years.  If you are looking to create Wealth for your kids and grandkids, invest in a home NOW.

A Place to Retire To: Many people who go abroad to make a career like to have a home back in India as a place they can retire to. Such people often look for a home in serene and peaceful settings with all the modern amenities nearby.

As Gift to Parents/Children/Siblings: While many people buy homes for their children or beloved, we have a few clients who have bought homes for their elderly parents. Shri Raunak Shah ji says, My parents sold their farmland to help me live my American Dream. When I bought a home for them with direct view of Krishna’s temple, I could see tears of happiness in their eyes. That is my biggest achievement yet.