BRAJ : Shri Giriraj Ji was born in Africa: Origin of Govardhan Parvat

Samutthito 'Sau Hari Vakshaso Girir
Govardhano Nama Girindra Raja Rat
Samagato Hy Atra Pulastya Tejasa
Yad-Darshanaj Janma Punar Na Vidyate
Source - Garg Samhita

Born of Lord Krishna’s Heart, Named as Govardhan, this Powerful Mountain is the King of Kings. It came here by the great power of Pulastya Muni. One who Sees it would not be born again.

The scriptures say that Govardhan was born from the heart of Lord Krishna. The demigods first saw the beautiful mountain in the Goloka – the Heavenly Abode of Radha and Krisha.

The King of Mountains, named Govardhana, was full of Surabhi (heavenly) cows and gopas (cowherds) garlanded with forest flowers. Raasa-dance circles manifested splendidly on it and dark Yamuna river meandered there as it wished.

The demigods prayed to Krishna to descend on Earth and save them for evil demons there. Radha, the Soulmate of Krishna, did not want to go to a place where she could not find Vrindavan, Yamuna and Govardhan. Hence, Krishna made way for all of them to come down to Earth too.

Ram Blessed Govardhan to be the Playground of Krishna

On Earth, Govardhan Parvat originally took birth in Africa. Garg Samhita says:

Bharatat Pashcima Dishi
Shalmali Dvipa Madhyatah
Govardhano Janma Lebhe
Patnyam Dronachalasya Cha

In the west of India, in the middle of Shalmali Island (which we now know as Africa), Govardhan was born to Dronachal.

Pulastya Rishi saw Govardhan and brought him to India.

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It is said:
Giriraja Shila Sevam, Yej Karoti Dvijottamah; Sapta Dvipa Maha Tirtha Vagah Phalam Eti Sah.

It means that the best of the twice-born men (those who are learned) who worships just one pebble from the Giriraja – attains the result of bathing at all the greatest holy places present in the Seven Continents.