The 5 Must have House Plants

The 5 Must have House Plants

Aloe vera

Who does not know about this one? And it is as easy to grow. Just Plant and let it reap by the side of dimwit window. Take a leaf, make a cut and swipe aloevera gel with a spoon. Yes, that easy.

Asparagus Spengeri

One plant or two plants you would love to see growing as they bud everyday like a bubbling fountain. The easy and the fast but water me everyday Plant.

Champa or Plumeria Alba

Beautiful white or red flowers throughout the season starting March till winters give the shivers. It still stays green. A centrepiece for your garden.


Although a one time humongous flower show in February, it stays green all year round. In or out it just works everywhere in bright lit areas. I love the flowers.

Yucca Blue Boy

Hardy plants, talk about this one, its purple, its easy, its palmy, its straight (the tree kinda straight) and it just works. A centrepiece or a pot or a line, it does great everywhere.

So these were some No Maintenance plants, that you have got to have. Order one Now at