REALTY : What a Widened NH - 24 Brings Along with it and how will the Pockets Adjacent benefit

With the proposed widening of NH 24 to commence from December 31st, 2015 a lot is being speculated that it will give a much needed boost to the region and in fact to the entire corridor. The stretch has been identified from the Nizamuddin Bridge to Dasna which will then be termed as an expressway with minimal entries and exits just to ensure the traffic is impeccable and serene.

NHAI reports state that a total of 14 lanes have been proposed out of which 6 lanes would constitute an access controlled expressway while the remaining eight lanes will be a normal highway. The proposal has been divided into two parts, one from Nizamuddin Bridge to Dasna and the second from Dasna to Hapur. The total cost of the project has been estimated to be around Rs. 3,000 Crore.

Benefits Attached:

Widening of this 28 Kms line will ensure smooth flow of traffic, no long hauls which will gradually pave way for better demand for the property along NH 24.

Micro pockets along NH 24 will see a northward demand movement. This region has seen development at a rapid pace as several residential and commercial projects which have been largely occupied by people working and commuting from Delhi.

This 28 Kms stretch also to be part of the Delhi-Meerut expressway. The stretch on new alignment between Dasna and Meerut will be developed at a later stage.

Adding to the view, Mr. Sudeep Agarwal, MD, SHRI Group enumerates 'This proposed widening of the stretch carries substantial weight when it comes on the development aspect of this region. It will go a great way in resolving connectivity issues for this region which has now been persistent over some years now as it forms a pivotal conjunction of NCR. And moreover, as we all know, with all development comes improved infrastructure so the proposed widening is definitely going to boost the economy of the region and open new doors for infrastructure development.'