Career Blog – what are your perfect design skills, Fashion Designing, Product, Space, Display or Graphic Design? A quick guide for you to choose a perfect design career.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.’ Henry David Thoreau

Imagination and Art, oh the conjugal bliss of this wedding is what each one of us can adore and be in awe of it. A little too far, I am just talking about Design. Its limitless and infinite just like the universe we live in. It echoes in the objects of nature all around us leaving us lo and behold wandering how Brahma imagined the world. The Gods of Creation were Master Architects and Designers, the engineers of the universe.

And now you are the next King who turns everything into a Beauty the moment he touches it, is it? The beauty of chaos, the mixture of colors and the love of divine, design is a mesmerizing SUBJECT of study.


There is so much to design, but master one art and you are set to be the Inspiration of world of Imagination. All that design demands is PASSION, LOVE and IMAGINATION. Think beyond Think Nature and you have a perfect Thought for the Day.

An extensive field of glamour and shines coz we all love to dress up. RituBeri, Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi, and more, the names that echo walking down the Ramp with their models clad in their art pieces and people watch in awe at the Fashion Week. Is this your stage? Yes, then walk down the ramp and choose your world of fashion to start with Apparels or Accessories, Footwear or Jewelry. You SEW IT

Product DESIGN
Soothing to the eye and Inspiring to the mind, such is the power of Design. And Product Design just does that to you, filling in the living spaces and objects into an easy to use and easy on eyes. Right from the bed you sleep on or the mirror you gaze in while using an iPhone. Its all about that piece of design that levels up your comfort security and style. It’s functional and practical but nothing less than a piece of art and the engineering of the materials. You MANUFACTURE it.

Treat the walls, play with furniture, draw the curtains, grow a plant or make it rain; it’s a multi-disciplinary approach. And the palette is full of textiles, paints, colors, materials, and a little bit of engineering. The spatial concepts and the ergonomics help design spaces that are absorbed in comfort and warmth. Be it office or home, or that ice cream parlour and the grocery shop next to it. Space design speaks to one and all through ideas that explode in the psychology of the user. Reign in the the building codes and concepts to get going with Interiors Facades and Landscapes. You BUILD it.

Visual merchandising or display design is all about those shop windows that look like a fairytale scene and capture the interest of the gazer to make it count at the retail store The Exhibition stalls and the parades or the walk through Museums and art galleries are all part of this fairytale discipline. The Movie sets or the wedding mockups and conferences, the one big event that is set to uplift the mood and hold the attention now and forever. You WRITE it.

It does not need an introduction coz it’s the next-door guy you have been eyeing on. Paint, illustrate, Code, or 3D, Psychology, technology or anthropology, you are the master of all and the world is your canvas. You have tools, real and virtual measuring millimeters and yards all around to develop a virtual world with website, mobile apps and collaterals. The world markets you while you just sketch something out. Numerous artists are coming up with their own ideas of graphics on stones or sand or water and streets. You DRAW it.