REALTY : An Easy Home The Right Way in Greater Noida West

A handsome Advertisement in the Newspaper or on the other real estate portals about an affordable 2BHK or 3 BHK Apartment, we are ready to make a beeline for it. Most often than not, the disappointment of getting lured into spending a life time worth of money for just a backyard flat or the wrong location makes us regret.

Big Size 3D Models and the virtualization of your home environments with walkthroughs, panoramic views are a taste of the deal you are getting into. And more than sometimes these expectations are not met in reality. Comparing the homes online in terms of sizes and facilities is not the way to go when you have to make a decision for the right home for you though it could help you know the property better. But you may land up getting more confused.

What counts is a home that is a comfortable and convenient apartment which will be promise of lifetime of memories for you and your family. As a smart customer, one must be wary of these points:

As a smart customer one must keep the following points in mind to be a successful buyer.

About The Project
The Profile of The Builder or The Real Estate Developer
Associated Construction Consultants and Architects
Prior Construction Quality
Record of Delivery or Delivered Homes
Location of the Property and the Apartment

Proximity to Public Transportation and Facilities

In the Apartment
Size of the Balcony
Area of the Land of the Project
Specification of the Material Finishes
Open Area Development and Landscapes
Size of the Swimming Pool and other amenities offered

An extra is never too bad, so look out for what is so special about the project or what more have you got here. Affordable or in Budget never means poor or substandard infrastructure/development. Be sure of what you want in your home and do not compromise with the space or the quality.

So you are the smart Buyer and the best deal is yours to watch while we at SHRI make sure that our customers make a right choice. SO this is a guide to help you make an easier decision for an investment of lifetime. Because we live to build upon “Prosperity for All” and not just in words but with a record of the industry standards for quality construction and delivery to perfection.