ARCHITECTURE : The Science of Nature

The word Architecture is derived from the Greek words `archi` meaning chief and `tekton` meaning Builder combining to form `architekton` or Architect as the chief Builder. The first ever written record on the subject of Architecture belongs to 1st century AD, De Architectura written by Roman Architect Vitruvius, though nothing is known about who coined the term and when. Architecture in the literals is all about designing, planning and building not just spaces but even virtual objects such as the world of our Information technology.

There were two worlds that were created, the real world created by almighty, the one we can sense and the Virtual world, the one created by us, which we communicate. Indeed the architecture that we create is the science of nature, nothing abstract like nature and yet Perfect.

A piece of Architecture is an embodiment of three forms of Function, namely, Durability, Utility and Beauty. The beauty of the environment and the Self. The utility of the space in and around. And lastly Durability of the Building and the Environment. This is the so call First treatise of Architecture, sedimented by Vitruvius which has been time and again reinforced by the who and who's of The World of Architecture

Another Notable Era of architecture Defines it in the terms of `Form follows Function` which means The design of a space is derived on the basis of its utility or use which infact is true to the Virtual World.

The Buildings that we create or the materials that we use are part of architecture but The one I enjoy, The one I explore, The one that inspires me is Architecture. Architecture indeed is in harmony with nature, its a concept drawn from the landscape around and such that its lost in the nature with a sublime difference in the Real and Virtual World.

We can create, we can percieve and we can sustain as a part of Nature. And this is what is imbibed in the roots of our creation. The last time you looked at nature in Awe was the Time God told you 'I made it for you, complete and wholesome just so you can blossom' and saying this He left it to us to preserve, recreate and persevere.