BRAJ : Braj charms Kanha with carousels of 'Saavan' and songs of 'Malhaar'!

Radhe Radhe!

Aayaa saavan, pade hindole, dhoom machi malhaaron ki

Saavan in Braj is magical. It is so beautiful that all the 33 crore gods and demi-gods pine to witness its glory. When thunder claps and dark shyaam-coloured clouds adorn the sky, when peacocks dance in complete surrender of their beloved rains, and when cuckoons sing its melodious songs, it is said that Krishna and Radhika Rani still descend to the Braj region with all the Gopis and perform the divine Raas Lilas once again.

Monsoon Fun in Brij Mandal This innocent monsoon fun, the Hariyaali Teej (or Kajri Teej), and the fragrance of fruits and flowers all around make vans and upvans of Brij unforgettable- As Dharti Maaadorns herself in the green chunri of rain-washed grass and dewy plants and trees, girls and women of Brij Mandaladorn their hands and feet with decorative Mehandi designs. One can still see women and children swinging on the rope swings, hung from the branches of mango and kadamba trees on the banks of river Yamuna, singing traditional ‘Malhaar’ songs.

Krishna rollicks in hindolas of faith and love In the temples,

‘Hindolana utsav’ is celebrated all throughout the month with great enthusiasm – starting from Hariyaali Teej right up to Rakhi Poornima. Krishna and Radhika, decorated in blossoms, are made to swing on a variety of carousels (hindolas).

In Dwarkadhish temple, one can see hindolas of gold and silver. In Nandgaon, Nandbaba temple has a silver hindola for baby Krishna. In Mukhaarbind temple, a hindola with astounding mirror-works looks absolutely majestic.

In the age-old Radhavallah temple in Braj, Govinda is seated on a hindola of gold from Hariyaali Teej to Panchmi, and on hindolas of silver, crystals, banana trunks, flowers and leaves after that. While in most temples, Radha and Krishna swing on the hindolas together, in Dauji Mandir, Balrama finds his place alongside Krishna on the hindola.

From Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi to all the other temples in Mathura and Vrindavan, hindolas for the god-child Kanhaiya are changed frequently. In some temples, life-sized gold and silver statues of sakhiyaan and gopis can be seen surrounding the hindola of Krishna and Radha Rani. The ‘prasad’ in the temples include Makhan-malai, the famous pedas of Mathura, ghevar and faini.

Giriraj Maharaj rocks in ‘hindolas’ too

One of the strange sights is how the massive Govardhan Parvat – considered one of the forms of Lord Krishna – is decorated with new dresses throughout the month of Saavan. Then jhoolas made of mirror are placed in the temples in such a manner that the reflection of Giriraj Maharaj can be seen in it. Millions of pilgrims that come here for Govardhan Parikrama wait for hours to get a chance to swing Giriraj in such a manner.

An experience unforgettable

Logic has no place in Brij. It is only pure love and complete surrender to Krishna that makes Saavan in Brij so divine and spiritual. Devotees of Krishna from all over the world come to Brij region, to see the magic of Saavan jhaankis here. Krishna Leelas and Raaslilas re-create the magic of Man Mohana for them.

Come to Mathura and Vrindavan and get drenched in the spiritual showers of monsoon!

Dekho Braj mein anand chhayo re! Saavan aayo re!