BRAJ : Braj Planning and Development Board to infuse new life into the Land of Kanha

Since October 2015, the Braj Planning and Development Board is functioning under the Chairmanship of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. The new Board has been formed to preserve the culture, heritage and environment of the Holy Vraja and boost religious tourism. To achieve this, the Board will ensure proper coordination between various government departments and make sure that developmental projects being undertaken in the area take place in a logical and time-based manner.

Lakhs of pilgrims Braj every year but the region still sees lack of proper infrastructure and transport system. It is expected that the Board will now be able to change the face of the Holy Land and boost it to a prominent position in India’s tourism map.

Ravindra Datt Paliwal has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Braj Board. The Board consists of representatives from all the departments and hence, various departments will easily be able to send in their proposals related to development of the Braj Bhoomi to the government through the Board. The Board will attach its feedback to the plans and forward it to the government for approval.

Opinions and suggestions of local people will also be taken into account by the Board. While the government will remain the main source of budgetary allotments for the proposals for the region, the Board is looking forward to raise funds through corporate houses as well. In fact, anyone who donates at least 50 million rupees (5 crore rupees) for the development of Braj can earn his or her seat as the member of the Board.

Earlier, the Act under which the Board was formed had been passed by both the houses of the state assembly.