SHRI - THE Calendar 2016 IAMSHRI

January 2016 PROFESSIONAL - Believe passionately in what you do, and never knowingly compromise your standards and values

February 2016 - LIFE - There are so many beautiful things that surround you.... Let it all captivate you...

March 2016 - TRUTH - How truth is the core of being 'I AM SHRI' Our Accomplishments are the Best proof of our merit

April 2016 - POWER - The Power Behind 'I AM SHRI' maximizing a project's impact and potential via exceptional planning, focused values and inspired architecture, All the makings of a forward thinking culture...

May 2016 BEAUTY - The Beauty of Being 'I AM SHRI' Creating enduring township through inspired planning

June 2016 SPIRITUALITY - Connecting it to Brij, Gain Perspective, recognize that our role in life has a greater values than just what we do every day!

July 2016 ENVIRONMENTAL - Connecting it to AQUA 'Green' is not an afterthought in our books, and we view each design Challenge as an opportunity to explore Innovative Solutions

August 2016 EMOTIONAL - connecting it to life at SHRI Properties creating space that people will identify with, remember and care for.

September 2016 PHYSICAL - the power of the building we are constantly exploring ways to increase value for our clients through creative design and innovative use of Materials and systems

October 2016 SOCIAL - The Causes supported by SHRI we aspire to create a value system that promotes a sense of community

November 2016 INTELLECTUAL - The Brains behind SHRI Our Ability to understand multiple perspectives and consider varying aspect of projects has earned us a reputation of 'Reliable Builders'

December 2016 FINANCIAL - The Rock Solid Foundation of SHRI to withstand any challenge collaborate with each other to harness the benefits and synergies of shared efforts