FESTIVALS : Christmas - The joy of Giving

A Big FAT Christmas tree with red gold white wrapped bundles of gifts next to it, stockings topped with candy and more, rich plum cake, roasts, Fiji pudding, just some of the scenes around Christmas Day. And as you stand by looking at your friends and family rejoicing over the gifts you got for them, an experience full of joy and contentment takes over the mind.

But is that all we experience? Donít we expect those red gold white gifts and the ecstasy of unwrapping a gift is not unknown to us at all. But again, do we gift just because we want to, or because we feel obliged to do so? Isnít there a world of joy that overwhelms us with the joy of giving?

In Luke 14;12-14, Jesus said that when you invite someone for a meal, donít invite your friends, relatives or rich neighbors as they would invite you back, and youíll be repaid. But instead invite the poor and the physically disabled. As they donít have the means to repay you, youíll be blessed by them, and then you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.

A word-to-word action might not be the means but the least we can do is to honor the needy with a gift, a hand to the downtrodden, an ear to the cries of orphaned babies, a word to the misguided, clothes (or bedding rolls) for the ones (children on the street, labor on construction sites and strays on the roads) shivering in cold and gifts for the ones who have never unwrapped one. Just a small amount and just a little time to make smiles for ones who smile in the toughest of seasons, is all it takes to feel the joy of giving.

It is up to us to instill the real spirit of Christmas in our children Ė the spirit of giving. Not just be 'good' because Santa would know if they were 'bad' and theyíd get coal in their stockings. There is a need to learn to appreciate the joy of giving to the one who has no means to give you anything in return but a simple 'Thank you' and a large smile. That is the true spirit of Christmas, and itís the most fulfilling gift.

With this, we at SHRI in a true spirit of Christmas campaign for the cause '#makeaWishComeTrue' in 2016 like Santa says 'I have a wish to #MakeAWishComeTrue'.