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Decoding Spa Massages
Imagine a journey where the ultimate peace of mind can be achieved with an intimate sense of divine belonging. And match that with the Hare Krishna sounds playing like an old piano somewhere. And yes it happens, it happens in India. SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara, an exclusive stay and a cosy spa Resortin Goverdhan, assures the well-being of mind and senses filled with the amazing holy fragrances in the surroundings.

The moment you enter a spa and invigorating scents of the oils that already make you feel relaxed, but then the daunting task of choosing the right treatment. You want to try them all and relax in a deep sleep state. Worry not, let us take you through the tics and tacs of the spa massage treatments…

A massage with the scents of oils with calm movements all through the body to restore the strength of mind and soothe down the stressful mind. This is the right massage for you, when it rains and feels a little aloof. Just close your eyes and breathe in.

A throbbing massage with kneading along the nervous system and pick tap movements to regain the composure and spirit of the senses. You are dead tired and all you need is a rest. This is the one for you, even better than sleep.

Just about similar to Swedish Massage, but a different flavour of oils on the spicy tint, it helps to release toxins and reduce muscle tension to an increased flexibility in the body. The one massage you would love to go for right when you take a break and just before you start your vacation. Feel Great.

The two essential elements that mandate our survival are blood (raqt) and oxygen (pranvayu) and with little help of gentle stretches, this massage helps to regulate the motion of blood and oxygen in the body. A must for someone who feels tired easily.

A herbal treatment that reverberates through the chakras of the body, balancing the energy points in harmony with the nature. About 5000 years old, this is the one for your spiritual well-being. And at Brij Vasundhara you are sure to feel the intense vibrations of spirituality.

Each treatment goes through a technique of utmost relaxation and calming sensations. This is the promise of a spa. And Anubhuti is all about the Feel of the Spa.