CAUSES - Easy Going Green with Simple Living High Thinking

Going green is much easier than we think! Try these simple steps today to save the nature and more eco-friendly environment.

At a time when children in nursery schools are also aware of the damage caused to the environment due our activities, unfortunately as adults, a whole lot of us still fail to show an environment conscience. Too much of a headache,Seriously? It could be coz sometimes we are unable to figure out a way to not use that plastic bag or throw that Mc Donald’s Packet after Eating…

WALK Walk walk
Just a little distance, or the office stairs you can always walk up to your destination. Its like the super saver scheme in the BIG Bazaar. Short walks Big gains… Eat More and the calories are already burnt before you even think about it. I personally love walking, and jumping over the poodles on the road. It can be a little worked up to walk on Indian roads but get going. You will love it.

Odd or even? NO, we are not a bunch of naughty kids to actually need rules to follow our conscience. The educated, literate of us and the not so literate even know the prices of fuel. Then why not just plan a pick up instead of driving alone to that party. Fun plus drama plus action, friends make for a spicy RomCom. And doing this you are saving the world due the wrath of smog (fuel emissions), jams (stress and long distances), and chaos (sound and toxic air). Oh the Saviour!

Planning a little party or a picnic to the trending nearby hotspot. Yeah those Styrofoam cups and plates are use and throw but this means garbage plus plastic and destruction of the hotspot or a day of cleaning aftermath. You have better things to do in life, right? Just figure out some plastic substitutes, own a coffee mug in office. Paper bags, glass jars, and I will probably elaborate more on 10 Ideas to say No  to plastic in the next article…

Long debates and arguments, I know its easy to work with papers on the table, just coz the human existence is yet to evolve to a digital world. But the least you can do is use the recycled brown paper or inexpensive cotton cloth bags. Do no print Train and airline tickets, just show the email or SMS with the details. Don’t sign up for paper bank statements and instead get one mailed. The more easy bit, just register for Mobile Banking.

Be it extra lights or that dropping water, you can say no to it and save both energy and water alongwith national and global resources. Even if water is never going to end, it does take a lot of energy to produce that clean water for you. And it doesn’t take much just to make sure you dont waste.

You see every bit of it is easy, all you gotta do is buckle up your conscience and next time you waste a paper, you yourself will be the one pointing it out. Think Money Think Green. Believe it or not, being green is all about saving money.