REALTY : Energy Saving Green Homes

With a green consciousness setting in, both builders and prospective buyers are looking at 'green' homes Ė homes that have less harmful impact on the environment, and also save money. There are hosts of ways this is done.

High quality windows

Windows with high quality glass that effectively block out sunlight and keep the inside temperature more or less constant are a great way to save on home cooling costs. Houses with windows facing east are usually cooler than others.

Sustainable building materials

Environment conscious builders are increasingly using recycled products like plastic, glass and lumber; in addition to reusable materials like bamboo, cork and linoleum in the construction process.

Utilizing solar energy

The sun is the biggest source of energy for our planet and the installation of solar plants helps utilize this abundant natural source. While they are initially a tad more expensive to install, in the long run solar power run appliances save huge amounts on energy expenses.

Use LED and CFL for lighting

Again, these are costly only when you buy them. In the long run, they save up to 40% on energy bills, and also last longer than traditional bulbs. A sure must have for any green home.

Energy efficient equipment

Most appliances today come with an energy efficient tag, and one should choose wisely. These appliances save on energy while still giving optimum performance.

Well planned landscaping

Trees and shrubs planted in abundance, lots of shade on the walls, stone pathways is efficient ways to cool the surroundings. Larger trees on the Western side of the house protect it from the harsh summer sun, while allowing winter sun to creep in. Having plants outside windows is a good way to keep rooms cool. And if one can ensure that some shade falls on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the overall cooling time comes down greatly, while also protecting the AC from the harsh sun.

Use of tank less water heaters

Heaters come second only to house cooling in energy consumption. Tank less water heaters heat only the water that passes through the coil. As such, they donít need prior heating time, and you switch them on only for the duration of need. And since they are tankless, you save that much space.

Rainwater harvesting

No discussion on green homes is complete without talking of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater collected through barrels from the roof is stored in tanks, and is used for toilets or sprinkler systems.

Going for green homes is the only alternative left for us to sustain the ecosystem. A little extra effort in the beginning will make later life more sustainable and efficient.

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