BRAJ - Famous Things to Eat in Mathura

Taste of Mathura - Mathura is not only famous for its temples,but also for its delicacious. Some of famous delicacies of Mathura are described below.

Peda:† Mathura, the land of Shri Krishna, mainly prominent for its delicious peda throughout India. It is basically used as a Prasad in temples from the neighboring shops and with great care itís been made.It is famous for its purity and taste. The famous shop Brijwasi Mithai Wala offers wide variety of sweets and you just canít missed it. Without wandering aimlessly, itís a one stop shop that provides quality sweets.

Kachodi & Jalebi: A best way to start a morning breakfast. These fried dish are enjoyed together.Kachori is a stuffed snack served with potato curry and Jalebi is a sweet dish prepared in sugar syrup.Huge crowd can be seen іn front оf Kachori Shops іn the morning. Donít miss Kachori and Jalebi fоr yоur breakfast.

Samosa: The tantalizing aromas, having savory withgreat crispy and hot potato filling inside it which unexpectedly increase the appetitein the people. Most samosa† lovers love to have especially in rainy weather Itís pretty much guaranteed that if are going to some pilgrimage, people will demand for samosa†no matter what other appetizer options are available. It can be found at any small kiosk.

Lassi: Best beverage during hot summers. Chilled glass of lassi made with thick curd, milk and sugar served at roadside stalls in a kulhar. In vrindavan, it is mostly available at any stalls. Visiting Goverdhan for parikrama, one can enjoy the real taste of lassi, which gives refreshment in mind.

Ghevar: Mouth watering sweet dish made from flour and ghee and flavoured with cardamom and nuts like almonds and pistachios not available throughout the year and is specially prepared only during the month of sawan, which celebrates the festival of raksha bandhan. People prolongly waits for this delicious sweet during this season. †This is sold in massive quantity in the month of raksha bandhan. Huge crowd can be seen in the shop.

Aloo Chaat: You really canít miss the opportunity to try some delicious street food.Aloo chaat which is certainly loved by all the peoples and which at the same time is a comfort food.You can try different kinds of†golgappe and various chaats†here, like†aloo tikki chaat,†matar chaat, etc, topped with fresh green coriander†chutney. These are available at various small stalls across the city.