FESTIVALS : The Month of Adhik Mass

Adhik maasa also known as Purushottam maas and Mal maas is celebrated with much gaiety as devotees from all over the world flock Braj region of North India.

Adhik maasa also known as Purushottam maas and Mal maas is celebrated with much gaiety as devotees from all over the world flock Braj region of North India. A great significance is related with the circumambulation of Govardhan Parvat also known as Giriraj Parvat, the mountain that Lord Krishna is known to have lifted on his little finger. Over half a million people from across the globe visit Mathura and surrounding Krishna Leelasthals, and the state government alontwith MVDA ( Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority) is thoroughly engaged with vivid arrangements for the upcoming Adhik Mass starting from 17th June 2015, that includes setup of seating benches, LED displays of emergency numbers, Time and direction boards and also directed accommodation places like local hotels and guest houses to make the best out of the whole festive month.

At the same time we at SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara are also awaiting the arrival of our guests with different colors of this festive month and as usual the all time green trees are bellowing with the winds of festival. Every festival is a much awaited fun with our guests and visitors who leave us with memories unbound in divine love. As recently one of our guests bolstered us into organising a sankalp activity which called for children to participate in various fun activities at our resort. And yet another guest made us celebrate The Basant Panchami in an unusual flavour with his wedding rituals and celebrations echoing through the yellow Resort. Yes our resort was too dressed in yellow for the Panchami.

And we have stories on and on with each and every one of our guests bringing their own special flavours to our resort. Krishna sang Radha Nacche, log kahe Leela Hove, Hamaar Sang Atithi Haase Khoob Anand Hoye. Such is the season of festivals and love of Krishna. There is a story indeed, which our festivals are celebrated after and this one is just another one of his Leelas. No less would we call it a technological advancement in times of our holy books.

According to hindu mythology this extra month was created by saints and rishis to even out the calculations of planetary year and named Mal Maas or Malimmucha or 'extra month'. And just like any other person, mal maas too felt sad about being called extra and not being assigned to a Lord like other months of our Hindu Calendar. The ‘maas’ or ‘month’ approached Lord Vishnu to resolve his problem. It was then inducted as ‘Purushottma Maas’ or the month of Lord Vishnu himself. Lord Purushottam (Vishnu) also said that all the good deed, charity, austerities done in this month will be equal to such acts performed in all the 12 months of the year. Since then it has acquired the name of “Purushottam Mass” and got greater significance than the other months.

The scientific reason being about its astronomical significance. A lunar month is actually 29.5 days long while a solar month is 30 to 31 days long. A solar year has 365 days and additional 6 minutes while a lunar year comprises of 354 days. With the years passing by each lunar month starts earlier before the corresponding solar month making gap of lunar and solar year the difference of 11days 1 hour 31 minutes and 12 seconds. With the increase in the gap it takes approximately three years to complete one month. So to make the two calendars equal, an extra month is added which acts as the thirteenth month of the lunar calendar popularly known as ‘Adhik Mass’ which means an extra month.

And thus begins the story of our holy festive season. Radhe Radhe!!