WEDDING : Figuring out who to invite to a destination wedding

A destination wedding involves much more than sending the invites and waiting to see who responds. Considering that youíll be booking rooms at some fancy place, knowing whom to invite and who to expect becomes equally important. So how does one figure out whom to invite to a destination wedding?

First and foremost, you need to decide on the size of the wedding. What according to you means intimate Ė both your families, close friends or just the two of you at an exotic locale? If itís just the two of you, well guest list closed. If itís intimate, call your families, and really good friends. Beyond that, you would have to decide how big you really want the wedding to be Ė around 30-50 family members, or make it 70 counting friends. Greater than that number is usually difficult to handle for a destination wedding.

The next thing is how close you are to the person youíre inviting. If itís in the same town, you might feel obliged to invite all your co-workers to your wedding. But if itís a destination wedding, that is neither necessary nor expected. You should invite people to a destination weddingfor personal relationships, rather than professional equations.

Something which plays a vital role in whom to invite to a destination wedding is the budget. You have to figure out how much you are willing to spend per person, and then how many people you can fit into your budget. In simple terms, can you really afford to invite such a huge number?If you feel you are going overboard with the number of guests, itís preferable to invite a select few to the destination wedding, and then have a reception dinner when you are back in town for those who you missed out.

When you are inviting people to a destination wedding in india, make sure you follow up with a call to confirm their presence. It gives you a good idea of the numbers to expect.You could perhaps make a list of the most preferred guests, those who come a close second and maybe even a third. In case someone from the most preferred list declines, you can include someone from the close second group. Just make sure you stay within your budget, and the numbers.

Your wedding is the start of a new chapter in your life. Invite people who you care for, and who care for you. Anyone who doesnít fall in that category doesnít need an invite. Itís that simple.

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