REALTY : Friends in the neighborhood

Man is by nature a social animal. As more and more people move to cities for professional reasons or otherwise, friends are more often than not taking the place of surrogate families. With that in mind, itís actually a great thing if your friends move into the same complex as you.If they need convincing, just take them through these points:-

The first and foremost benefit is of course company. You can go to restaurants, movies and party together. Thereís always a house where you can just walk in for a cup of coffee, or a late night drink. Itís very heartwarming to know someone close to your heart lives close by. And the best part, you donít need to drive anywhere to catch up with them.

Then, if you have children who are of similar age, they too benefit from each otherís company. Plus, when children see adults bond, they are bound to pick up good social behavior, and understand the concepts of friendship, and trust.

Good friends are good baby sitters too. So if you have to go somewhere where you canít take your children, theyíll be there to look after them. You, in turn, can look after their dog when they go on vacation.

If your work places are close to each otherís, you can also car pool. If not to work, carpooling when going out is definitely a big plus when friends live next door.

Also, if your friends live in the same complex, you have someone to give you company on your morning jog and yoga classes. Going on a diet is more fun if somebody does it with you. And you can motivate each other toward fitness.

Tell your friends that when they go on holiday, youíll be there to watch their house. You can water their plants, take care of their pets, and before theyíre back, get someone to clean up the house so they arenít too stressed about coming back to loads of work.

Good friends donít think twice about lending or borrowing something; be it a bowl of sugar, a glass of milk or a dress to go partying in. Living in the same complex will make that easier too.

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