Get a Smart Coffee Machine or Tea Maker to Brew Your Beverage

As we grow up and leave our nest, we learn so many things. We miss the mom’s call to come and get our morning tea or coffee. As bachelors or as working couples, we many-a-times wish that there was someone at home ready with the hot beverage just as you reach your door. Elderly people whose children are far away – feel lonely and depressed too – when they want a cuppa of hot coffee on a wintry morning and there is no one to brew it for them.

Smart Coffee or Tea Makers can solve such problems for you – forever.

Smart Wi-fi enabled coffee machines allow you to grind beans as you like them (coarse, medium or fine), set the number of cups you want, and define the strength of your coffee right from your smartphone or tablet – without getting up from your bed in the morning or when you commuting from office to home in the evening.

You can use Wake-up mode to wake up to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee at a pre-set time or Welcome Home mode to come home to a hot cup of coffee or tea – which can get triggered by your location in respect to your home.

These smart beverage makers can also send you notifications when it is running low on coffee beans, tea leaves, sugar, milk powder and water. The smarter versions can learn your daily schedules and can program itself accordingly. In an office or a community setting, smart devices allow you to send and share drink requests as well as share tips on the topic.

Smart Home Management Systems can list your smart machine on its list and can control it for you – taking the home care service to another level. So, if your smart bed notices that you are waking up, it can set the coffee or tea maker to work. Moreover, if it notices that you have had a bad night’s sleep, it can even recommend a stronger coffee for you.

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