REALTY : Golden homes – The New Trend of Living

In India, investments have traditionally been in either gold or property. Come festival time, and people start brainstorming as to what it will be this year. When people stayed in joint families in small towns, gold was usually the given choice. But as more and more people move to cities looking at making a better life, investing in 2 bhk or 3 bhk apartments and making a home of it seems a wiser decision than buying gold and keeping it in the locker.

It is this desire, which has fueled the development of some excellent residential projects in the NCR, specifically in NOIDA, Greater NOIDA West and NOIDA extension. With legal wrangles out of the way, this area is the new ‘golden’ investment. If you look at Greater NOIDA West for example, with a 22% green area, this is one of the best-planned areas of NCR. A Well-planned network of broad roads (even sector roads have a minimum width of 12m), and seamless connectivity by metro in turn means a faster pace of life. The approval of an International Airport on the Yamuna Expressway will also give a major boost to commercial property development in Greater Noida.

And if one is still thinking buying gold makes more sense, it would pay to remember that investing in homes give you a tax rebate, gold purchases don’t. Generally speaking, we Indians buy gold in the form of jewelry. Now suppose one doesn’t want to stay in the house one has bought, renting it out and getting some returns is always an option. But if you don’t feel like wearing your gold ornaments, would you rent them out? So there is no return on investment the way there is with residential property.

Traditionalists might argue that gold prices will rise. Perhaps they will. But if one looks at trends so far, this price increase will be simultaneous to the devaluation of currency. This means that while you may get more money on paper, there won’t be much difference in your purchasing powers. Add to it that the profit on gold is taxable; gold instead of a home somehow doesn’t seem all that lucrative.

Whether it’s a 2bhk flat or a 3 bhk apartments, buying a residential property in Delhi or Gurgaon is very expensive today. Compare that to Greater NOIDA West and NOIDA extension, and one can still get a golden deal on a golden home. And The Brighter side of Real Estate Future is the upcoming Concept Townships and expansive developments in these areas of Delhi NCR.