BRAJ - Govardhan is Cursed: Its Size is Diminishing Day by Day

‘O arrogant mountain, you would not fulfill my desire! Therefore every day you will become smaller by the size of a sesame (til) seed.’ Goverdhan is cursed by Pulatsya Muni

Yavad Bhagirathe Ganga, Yavad Govardhano Giriu
Tavat Kaleu Prabhavas Ti, Bhavinyati na Karhishit

Garg Samhita

As long as Bhagirath’s Ganga is flowing on Earth and as long as Mount Govardhan is present on it, Kaliyug will not be able to show its power.

Once, the great sage Pulastya was travelling to the holy places all over the world and landed in Shyamali Dvip (now called Africa). There, he saw Mount Drona’s son Govardhan which was filled with flowering fragrant vines laden heavily with fruits; charming and wonderful with colourful minerals and jewels; peaceful and auspicious with many caves and sounds of gushing streams; full of different kinds of birds, deer and nectar trees; having graceful slopes and peacock calls. He thought Govardhan would be an ideal place for performing austerities.

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Hence, the tiger of sages – Pulatsya Muni, requested Mount Drona to allow him to carry his son to Kashi – the City of Shiva where River Ganges flows so that he could perform his austerities on the glorious mountain.

Drona loved his son very much but feared that the great sage might curse him. Hence, he asked his son to go to Bharatvarsha – the Land of Karma.

Govardhan was surprised. He asked the great sage, ”O sage, how will you take me so far? I am eight yojanas* long, five yojanas wide, and two yojanas tall.”

*1 Yojana = 8 miles. It means that the size of Govardhan Parvat is said to be about 103 km long, 64 km wide, and 26 km tall.

Pulatsya asked him not to worry about it and sit on his right hand. Still doubtful, Govardhan warned him that if Pulatsya kept him at a place, he would not budge from there. The sage agreed to his condition.

With Govardhan in his right hand, Pulatsya Muni walked slowly all the way to Vraj Mandal. As soon as he reached there, Govardhan was reminded of His divine origins and Goloka . He also remebered that this is the place where Lord Krishna, Master of Countless Universes, will descend on Earth and spend his childhood and youth.

Giriraj Govardhan wanted to stay right there besides River Yamuna and see Krishna-Radha once again. Hence, he made himself so heavy that the sage overcame with such an exhaustion that he forgot the condition of Govardhan he agreed to.

He kept the mountain on the ground, bathed in the river and then, asked the mountain to climb up on his hand again. Despite his repeated requests, Govardhan did not budge even for an inch.

Finally, Pulatsya Muni got so angry that he cursed Govardhana and said, ”O arrogant mountain, you would not fulfill my desire! Therefore every day you will become smaller by the size of a sesame (til) seed.”

It is said that since that very day, Govardhan decreases by the size of a sesame seed every day.

Today, Govardhan is just about 8 km long and 25 m high. To conserve the hill, it has been made illegal to pick up the tiniest pebble from Shri Giriraj ji.

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