REALTY : Growing Concept of Green Buildings

India is embracing the growing concept of Green Buildings for residential, commercial, corporate, and institutional sectors, which is making stakeholders acknowledge the benefits of sustainable building design and green technology in the construction of buildings.

The features of green / sustainable buildings are:

1) LOCATION / CONSTRUCTION: Green Location and Recycled Construction

2) WATER CONSERVATION: Rain Water Conservation, Treatment & Recycling

3) ENERGY CONSERVATION: Design that utilises maximum Day Light, Occupancy Sensors to save Electricity, Air Quality Control System etc.

4) MATERIALS / APPLIANCES: Recyclable Furniture, Carpeting of Recycled Materials, Low VOC for Paints with less toxic fumes & Recycling Disposals on every Floor.

5) UV FILTRATION SYSTEM: In the pool and spa for healthy living

6) ROOF FEATURES: Eco Roof, Rooftop Solar Panel & Reflective Roof Therefore

Builders are considering green homes for higher profits, whereas, homeowners are finding them to be of low operation and maintenance with environmental benefits to improve overall quality of healthy life.