REALTY : Invest in Mathura - Land of Divine Romance!

Samudravasne devi parvatstanmandite! vishnupatni namastubhyam padsparsham chhamsvame!! Meaning: One who drapes oceans as her clothes and graces Her bosom by mountains; O wife of Lord Vishnu, we pay our obeisance to you. Forgive us for touching you with our feet.

Global slowdown and falling rupee has made investment in stocks, gold and mutual funds unattractive for the smart and the savvy. Hence, 85% urban youth now prefer to invest in real estate in India – a fact collaborated by a recent Assocham survey. Maximum concentration of real estate investments happened to be in residential properties in Tier II and Tier III cities like Jaipur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Chandigarh, Bhiwadi, Sonepat, Panipat, Nainital, Dehradun, Pune and Nasik. “The real estate projects in Mathura launched by Shri Group are red hot because they offer a unique amalgamation of ‘an investment option that is sure to offer excellent returns’ and ‘a lifestyle that we as Indians dream about’ says Mr. Sudeep Agrawal, Managing Director - SHRI GROUP.

Mathura is quite close to Delhi – the Capital of India and is practically next to Agra – the hottest tourist destination in India. This is the reason that it offers almost all the modern amenities and facilities that one would expect from a metro city. Yet, since it has been a base of spirituality and religion since hundreds of years, it has managed to retain the small-town feel where everyone knows everybody and traditions have not lost their charm yet.

It is an ideal retirement destination for senior citizens who would want all the comforts of modern life as well as tranquil environs where they can spend rest of their days in peace. Young couples are investing in Mathura real estate to capitalise on it in times of need and settle down once they retire.

More than half the respondents of the Assocham survey said that they prefer staying on rent while investing in their hometowns for better appreciation. 78% working professionals with double income bought a home in Tier I city and were now planning to invest in a second home in their hometown, which usually come at a much lower price. While Tier 1 cities are viewed as ‘karmakshetra’ by working professionals, the feel of smaller towns like Mathura offer a chance of living a serene calm life in the company of a few good friends – an aspect which is so sorely missing in non-stop metros. According to the National Housing Bank (NHB) Residex’s Jan-March 2013 Index, housing prices across India have, in general, increased appreciably since 2007: For luxury housing, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai remain the hottest real estate destinations in India.

According to a report by property consultant Knight Frank India, Mumbai is most unaffordable in terms of buying a home. 29% of its apartments are priced at above Rs 1 crore. Yet, Mumbai holds its forte when it comes to demand for commercial properties. Bangalore, Chennai and National Capital Region (NCR) properties are more reasonably priced and offer better value for money. For those who are looking forward to a quieter life in old age, Mathura holds an in veritable charm. With increasing interest in real estate investment in Mathura, people are now looking for dependable high-quality builders with a proven track record.

This is where Shri Group aims to make a difference. With its origins in Mathura, Shri Group is one of the most trusted real estate developers in India. Mathura project of Shri Group is one of its finest and most innovative projects that promises you excellent appreciation of property value and a world-class lifestyle.

The best properties of the Shri Group at Mathura are – green and independent Shri Radha Florence in Vrindavan and Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara in Goverdhan, which houses hotel and luxurious resort cottages too and is located right on the Parikrama Marg. This year, the real estate demand in India has come down due to high interest rates and rising prices.

The BSE real estate index is down by as much as 20 per cent! The slowdown opens up opportunities for those who are looking for affordable properties in India and value for money. Moreover, Real Estate Bill passed recently seeks to make real estate sector in India more transparent, ethical, speedy and consumer-friendly. As Times of India so aptly said the real estate bill makes buyer the king. This bill aims covers interests of all types of buyers – short-term investors, long-term investors, people who buy homes for the rental income it can offer, and then, genuine actual users who buy a home to live in. Experts say that Indian real estate market is moving ahead slowly and steadily and is all set for a buoyant growth soon. So, if you are thinking of investing in real estate in India for better returns or are looking for a home where you can find both peace and prosperity, contact us at +91 80570 33333/44444.