FESTIVALS : Laddoo Holi : Embracing the joy

Laddoo Holi in Barsana herald an unparallel holi of the Brij. Barsana, about 50 kilometres from Mathura, is prominent for having the ubiquitous presence of Lord Krishna's beloved Radharani . The place well portrays the legends pertaining to the eternal love and incessant devotion of Lord Krishna to his beloved Radharani.

The belief of his coming to Barsana and playfully teasing his consort, Radharani, holds the spirit of the joyous events . Barsana, witness the majestic wave of festive feast that prevails in the air with the colors of affection.

The enthusiastic devotees play 'Laddoo Holi' in commemoration of their lord coming from Nandgaon to play Holi with his beloved. The natives of Barsana express gratitude and celebrate by smearing one another with dry colors, Gulal and Abeer, and distrubting laddoos to mark the welcoming of lord krishna to their town.

The 'Ladli ji temple' is embraced with a huge mass of devotees, coming from all over the world to watch this spectacular event.

The laddoos are thrown from the roof top of the temple and pocketed by the elated devotees waiting eagerly at the ground floor.

On Laddu Holi day, the invitation to play Holi is sent to Nandgaon, the town of Lord Krishna by the people of Barsana, the town of Goddess Radha.

The invitation to visit Barsana to play Holi with the female cowherds, gopies, is accepted by the people of Nandgaon.

The spellbound ties of the immortal love and relationship is well depicted in the people here.

'Bizzare is thy joy, supreme is thy glow, Unconventionally I lift high, As the kinship with my lord grow.