LIFESTYLE : Home Security Tips

Keeping you and your family safety is a big deal. We’ve collected these home security tips to help every member of the family feel safe and secure.

Shifting a new home? Going on a holiday? or Leaving your kids alone at home? If any of these things you often do then you must need an astute and seamless security regime to ensure maximum security and lowest risk. Protecting your closed ones starts with securing your home. Once you decide to configure a full fledged security system, then the next step is to do some research to select or buy the best alternative available in the market. Lets talk about some easy and great home security tips! It is highly recommended to change all the external lock if youve recently moved to a new home. Install metal bars on sliding doors to prevent a burglar from forcing the window or doors open. Dont forget to lock your home even if you go out for an hour or two.

Fix a visible burglar alarm and make sure you cover or conceal all wiring of your advance alarm system because an expert robber might search for spots where he or she can detach the security alarm wire. Don't leave paper notes for services people or relatives on the entry gate of your home. Such notes or chits act as a welcome mat for a thief. Never forget to ask for an ID card from any unknown sales person or serviceman who demands entrance to your home. Many of the wicked criminals utilize this to look at homes and plan a robbery. In case you're dicey, check with the individual's office before giving him/her a chance to get in. Keep your garden tools out of sight or hidden and stairs safely in your shed or carport, as these might be utilized to break into your house. Configure a key-operated window locks to ensure maximum security of your family and kids. Have more interesting and workable home security tips? Share in comments.