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Know about the 5 Automode Technologies that are affordable and so awesome. They are well-equipped with emergency tools, life-saving items and an escape door.

Do you simply love the high-tech homes and gadgets of Hollywood spies that seem to make everything a breeze? Well, Nayan Raheja of South Delhi has a home that runs from his iPhone. Using Wiser Home Control software from Schneider Electric, he can pull down the blinds in all the rooms at one to shut out the blazing sun, adjust the temperature of his home, switch on and switch off lights or dim them, check who is at the door and open it - and do much more without getting up from his chair!

Here are 5 Automode Technologies that are affordable and yet so awesome:

Smart Bluetooth Light Bulb with over 16 million Color Combos

Available in the range of $30 to $50, these smart LED bulbs can easily be controlled by smart phones and tablets by downloading a free app. Life is a party with these amazing bulbs that allow you to choose from more than 16 million color combinations (using RGBW channel) and can also be set to 'Disco Mode'! You can dim them, brighten them, change their colors, and turn them on or off with the help of your bluetooth device.

Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Available in the range of $40 to $110, these ultra-wide and powerful showerheads create a luxurious sensation of drenching in rain as you listen to your favorite music. And they solve one of the biggest problems since the invention of telephones - how to answer them while taking a shower! It has an independent speaker that can be set up to 33 feet away and allows you to answer your phone call too. The feature does not take away the fact that this showerhead's spray power is amazing.

Smart Ring Doorbell with Video Camera connected to Wi-Fi

Available for $199, Ring Video Doorbell is the smartest security gadget you can own. Slim and sleek, it has wide-angled HD video recording, smart motion detection sensors and cloud recording features. Set it up on wi-fi and you can practically access it from anywhere in the world.

It has a 2-way communication system too. So, when anyone rings your bell, you receive a ‘phone call’ which you can 'accept' or 'reject'. If you accept the call, you can see the real-time video of the visitor and can talk to them through your 'door bell'.

You can also set up the distance range for your motion sensors which can trigger mobile alerts if they detect any activity on your property behind your back. It has night vision feature too. Can it get better than that?

Automatic Door Systems to make your life easier

Automatic sliding door systems (such as those from Geze) are space-saving, elegant and are quite in demand for their ultra-chic looks. The transparent versions of automode sliding doors make even tiny homes look more spacious and airy - and they move aside automatically as you approach them. There are swinging doors or revolving doors in the market too.

Automode doors can function on the basis of motion detection or by reading body heat. In offices and malls, they can be set up to automatically open all escape doors in cases of fire and smoke.

Beds that save you from Earthquakes

There are about 5 million earthquakes on Earth every year, out of which 50,000 can be sensed and about 1,000 can be downright destructive. Anti-earthquake beds are your best insurance against them. Though they look like normal beds, these extremely strong beds suck you in and cushion you to keep you safe during a disaster.

They are well-equipped with emergency tools like a whistle and a torch; life-saving items like some food, water and medicines to help you survive for a few days until help arrives; and an escape door.

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