BRAJ : Modi in Mathura

To mark the first anniversary of the NDA rule and to commemorate the death anniversary of the great political thinker Late Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led out a public rally in Mathura on January 25, 2015.

Goodness triumphs over evil. Along the same lines, “Ache din are complementary to bure din,” Modi said in his public address. “As the nation treads on its path to development, so have the Indian citizens, while the corrupt who previously robbed the country of its wealth are now suffering a setback.”

Bringing to the forefront the achievements of the NDA government over the past year, Modi claimed to have brought home (India) foreign capital worth Rs 25,000 crores as compared to the meagre 3,000 crores secured by the UPA government during its term. “Also, there has been a stern check on the leakage of domestic wealth to foreign shores bringing a cut of upto 90%,” the Prime Minister informed.

Affirming confidence in the present government, Modi said the nation would have “sunken” to its lowest had UPA rule continued for another year. “The voice of the upright remained unheard all these years after Independence while the shady lot ruled the country. However, now, the corrupt have no place in Delhi’s political corridors and scams have become an occurrence of the past.

Stepping up in the shoes of pradhan santri, pradhan sevak and pradhan trustee Modi attacked the Congress in ambiguous terms, “During the Lok Sabha polls, I had assured no panja would rob off the country’s treasure.” The Prime Minister who had frequently taken barbs at Sonia Gandhi's son in-law Robert Wadra also asked the audience, 'Over the past year have you heard of son-in-law of some minister involved in any scam?”

'We have succeeded in bringing an end to the business of loot, black-marketing,' he contrasted between the functioning NDA government and the previous UPA government.

Projecting the government as pro-poor and pro-farmer, the Prime Minister mentioned measures like Jan Sinchai and Soil Health Card announced by the present government to provide succour to the farming community.

Influenced by the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi, Ram Manohar Lohia and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Modi continued, “As long as we do not decide from where we have come out, we cannot decide where we have reached.” (Pointing out to the maladies witnessed under UPA rule)

Alleging that the UPA government had given coal mines at throwaway prices, Modi said that within one year of his government coming to power, 29 out of 200 coal mines were auctioned fetching 3 lakh crores to the treasury.

The present government took measures to return the money of labourers and workers locked in the PF fund to the tune of Rs 27,000 crores while the previous government was 'sitting over it', Modi claimed. Attacking the UPA dispensation on the price rise issue, he wondered what price spiral could have done to the country had people not brought the NDA to power, 'We have succeeded in arresting the momentum in price rise.' Schemes like Mudra Bank and Clean India campaign aim at benefiting the poor and have-nots.

Modi said that his government is dedicated for the development and welfare of villages, poor, farmers, exploited, deprived and Dalits. Facing criticism over farmer issues, he said his government has finalised plans to revive urea plants in Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), Sindri (Jharkhand), Barauni (Bihar) and Namrup (Assam). 'We are working to ensure that farmers get urea. We are also working to increase the efficiency of urea fertilizer. This will save Rs 4000 crore spent on import.”

'Urea is now coated with neem powder to discourage use in chemical factories and to solve the problem of scarcity of the same faced by the farmers. This will also provide nitrogen content to the land which is good for cultivation,' he said. Modi also pitched for an end to open defecation and linked the issue with the honour of women.

On the power front, NDA government has succeeded in generating power within one year, something that could not be achieved in the last 30 years. With much enthusiasm in his voice, Modi aspired to achieve greater heights during the term of the NDA government, 'If so much has been achieved in a year’s time, what cannot be done in five years?

However, Modi made no mention of the much disputed land acquisition bill. Listing out a number of schemes launched by his government, the Prime Minister also named various pension and insurance plans. BJP has planned nearly 200 public rallies across the country to mark the first year of the NDA government.