Glory to the Cow: the Mother of All Beings

Matarah Sarvabhootanan Gavah Sarvasukhapradah!

Cows are the Mother of All Living Beings and Provides Us with All Joys!

Scriptures like Bhavishya Purana, Skand Puran, Brahmand Puran and Mahabharat mention that each and every part of Kamdhenu is an abode of one Hindu deity or another. Her four hooves symbolize the four Vedas, her teats the four Purusharthas, her horns symbolize the gods, her eyes symbolize the Sun and the moon, her shoulders symbolize Agni (the god of fire), while her legs symbolize the Himalayas. Lord Brahma resides in her back and Lord Vishnu lives in her throat.

All cows on Earth are believed to be progeny of the wish-fulfilling divine cow Kamadhenu, who lives in Heaven and was the first Gem to manifest from the Kshir-Sagar when the ocean was churned by the demons and deities.

Padma Puran has a story in which Mother Earth or Bhumi Devi disguised as the cow and ran to protect herself from King Prithu’s sword. Mother Earth was angry at the rising sin of humans and turned barren. Prithu threatened to kill her if she continues to refuse to yield crops for everyone. In the end, Mother Earth had to allow Prithu to milk her (which then turned into cereals). Since then, Bhumi Devi is also known as Prithvi – or the one tamed by Prithu.

The Vishu Purana mentions how Maiyya Yashoda swept baby Krisha with the tail of a cow to ward off all bad omens, after she found that the beautiful damsel who carried away her little one was actually an ogress called Putana. Baby Krisha had managed to kill Putana but Yashoda Maiyya still though that the cow’s tail could offer her child better protection against evil forces.

Garuda Purana says that protecting a cow's life can liberate from the sin of 'Brahma-hatya'(killing a learned man) - the biggest sin in Hindu mythology. After all, cow's milk sustains and nourishes children, cow dung is often used as fuel and bricks in rural families across Asia, cow urine is said to have medicinal properties while her skin continues to provide us warmth as 'leather' after she passes away. These days, research centers in Ahmedabad are developing a line of dung and urine based medicines which they claim can cure several kinds of diseases and ailments - from bad breath to cancer. They also claim that the formula for these medicines have been derived from ancient holy texts of Hindus.

Vedic texts also say that if there is a cow at your home or property, ill-effects of Vaastu get nullified.

Namo Gobhyah!
We Bow to the Cow!