BRAJ Yatra : Parikrama - The Spiritual journey on earth - 84 kos 84 yonis

Braj Yatra is an yearly Braj 84 Kos yatra that takes place in Braj region. Braj 84 Kos is a very famous event among Braj Bhaktas. It carries significant importance in Braj Upaasana. The objective of the yatra is to visit Leela Sthalies of Braj where Shri

Chaurasi Kos Braj Yatra is the pilgrimage march that begins at Mathura – the birth place of Leeladhar Lord Krishna and takes you through the holy land of Braj. It covers all the sites related to childhood events in the life of divine yet naughty Kanhaiyaa.

‘Chaurasi’ means 84 in Hindi. ‘Kos’ is a popular unit in Indian subcontinent to measure distance. It equals about 2.25 miles or 3.62 kms. Hence, ’84 kos’ means a distance about 304 km. Most people cover the distance on cars or buses but there are some devotees who prefer to perform the pilgrimage on foot. About 80 million people perform the pilgrimage every year!

The long journey is a celebration in itself - a celebration of deep love and devotion for Krishna, purity and sacrifice of Radha Rani, His Childhood Friends and myriad childhood events that are associated with profound spiritual and social lessons that are timeless in nature.

Srimad Bhagwat says that Lord Brahma was the one to start this pilgrimage tradition . He performed Braj Yatra as a penance for His sins and discovered how Love, Compassion and Devotion that permeates Braj Dhaam can transcend the toughest of hearts into submission to the Divine.

It is said that the Braj pilgrimage trip is one’s way to Salvation:

Mukti Kahe Madhav Se, Meri Mukti Bataao,
Braj Raaj Jab Maathe Chadhe, Mukti Mukt Ho Jaaye|
Braj Chauraasi Kos Ki Parikrama Jo Det,
To Laakh Chauraasi Janm ke Paap, Hari Har Let||

It means that when ‘Mukti’ (Salvation) itself prayed to Lord Krishna and asked for freedom, Krishna told her that one, who will conduct the 84 kos Braj Yatra, will find his way to Divine Abode and will be free of sins from all the 84 lakh ‘yonis’ (life forms) a Spirit goes through.

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