BRAJ - Places to Visit in Goverdhan, Mathura

Peaceful scenaric, relaxation in mind, serenity locales, tourist attraction, here is the list of Top places to visit in Govardhan after Govardhan Parikrama.


Peaceful scenaric, relaxation in mind, serenity locales, tourist attraction……………yes we’re talking about the Lord Krishna’s place “Kusum Sarovar”. It’s an awe-inspiring water body place that attracts believer and tourist.

Kusum Sarovar ,magnificent monument where most of the tourist spends their quality time by gazing on the beauty. Inside the monuments, glories of Lord Radha Krishna are beautifully crafted and depicting the history of Krishna and Radha and which truly seem as real.

Through these paintings, Life of Krishna has been chronically narrated.This place reminds of Krishna’s mischievous things and tricks that he used to apply on his friends. For welcoming her Krishna, Gopis prolonglya waits for their Krishna and used to pick flowers. Another thing that captivates and adds beauty to this place has been the famous Kadamb trees which is popular for Krishna’s favourite tree. Tourist can even stay in small ashrams and can visit prominent temples nearby.

This place gives the best swimming experience than any other where one can make the mind relax. The water has become ideal for swimming and it is 60ft deep having numerousstairs all around.It has believed that taking bath in the kund purify your body with immense love of God. Radha Kund, which is half an hour a walk from Kusum Sarovar, also a famous place for spending time.


If we talk about the immense love and purity so its Radha Kund, prominently known for bathing place of Shrimati Radha rani.A peaceful place to sit and meditate too.

It’s been said that Radha with their bangles dug a kund and filled a water from the famous holy river Mansi Ganga. Next to Radha Kund, Pilgrims can visit Shyama Kund, formed by strucking the ground with the Krishna’s foot where all the holy rivers spot at one place and formed a Kund. The reason behind this Kund is Krishna has killed a demon in a form of bull. So, Radha told him to wash off his sins by taking a dip in various holy rivers.

To enjoy the esctatic love, pilgrims come from far to take a dip in the holy kund for attaining a love of Radha Krishna. On the occasion of Ardha Ratri Snan people first bath in Radhakund and then goes to Shyama Kund and then come again in Radha Kund. This has been the only place of pilgrimage where an auspicious bath is taken at midnight. It seems so ecstatic with ghee lamps shimmering on waters of Radha kund. These Kundsremained special to pilgrims who visit and stays here. It has believed that one who bathes here, gets the eternal love of Lord Krishna.


Calmness! Which is all around. To start Goverdhan parikrama one should dip first in Mansi Ganga and then start the parikrama and after ending the parikrama, again take a bath in Mansi Ganga. The cold water touching the feet gives the feel of immense love of Krishna. Believing that going to take bath in separate river, Krishna contributeall the holy rivers here itself. Bathing here, one can sense the presence of Krishna which is more special to the pilgrims who especially come for this from far. On several occasion, mob of people are likely to be seen.


It’splace has become famous for tax collection earlier. DaanGhati is one of the two main temple structures in Goverdhan. Daan Ghati is a temple where the godlike picture is crafted in the form of a rock, sinking in earth by a few millimetres every year. It has believed that the devotees of Krishna used to come here and enjoys the scenic beauty and especially the route which is going up to the mountain covered by the greeneries. Modern art of work is likely to be seen.

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