BRAJ : Ram Blessed Govardhan to be the Playground of Krishna

Lord Varaha says, 'Govardhan Parvat near Mathura will witness a great
feat of mine in Dwapar Yug. I shall lift it to protect people from incessant
rain caused by Indra. There are many holy places near Govardhan which
have great religious significance like Indra Teerth, Yama Teerth, Varun
Teerth and Kuber Teerth. The famous fresh-water lake called ‘Kadamb
Khand’ is the place where people do ‘tarpan’ of their ancestors.'

Govardhan Parvat finds its mention in various scriptures, such as Bhagwat Katha, Bhagwad Gita, Adi Varah Purana, and Garg Samhita. Many legends have been associated with the Sacred Hill which is often referred to as Shri Giriraj Ji – the King of the Mountains. In Adi Varaha Purana, there is a story about how Lord Rama blessed Govardhan to be the playground of Lord Krishna:

At the time when Shri Ramchandra and his Monkey Army was collecting large stocks and stones to build the bridge across the ocean to reach Lanka, Hanuman uprooted Govardhan from Himalaya and was carrying it to the ocean.

When he reached Vrindavan, he heard a divine voice:

'Ocean bridge is now complete. No more rocks are required.'

Thus, Lord Hanuman put down the heavy mountain he was carrying and sat down to rest. Today, there is a Chutar Teka Temple where he rested.

Shri Giriraja felt let down and angry. He said to Hanuman, 'You have deprive me of touching the lotus feet of Shri Rama. I will curse you.'

Hanuman assured him that he will get his chance to touch the lotus feet of the Supreme God in Dwapar Yug. He told about all that had transpired between him and Govardhan.

The kind-hearted Ramachandra said,

'I will certainly fulfill the desire or Govardhan. I will not only touch Him with my feet but also my hand and my whole body. As Hari, He will be my best servant. I will herd cows there with my sakhas (friends) and enjoy with gopis in its forests.'

Till the time, Shri Giriraj Ji is on Earth – Kaliyuga will not be able to strike us with its full force.