ENVIRONMENT : 6 tips to saving water at home, reducing use

Even a few small changes can add up to hundreds of gallons in water savings each year Here are 6 watersaving tips to get you going. Save Water! Save Life!

Anyone who has lived in the Delhi NCR area would have faced water shortage at some time or the other. If not a shortage, there’s definitely a mad scramble to have the pump on at the right time, till the flow is good. While the supply part is the responsibility of the municipality or water board, there are definitely certain steps we can take to save water on our home front:-

Correct usage of washing machine.

It is not necessary to use your washing machine on a daily basis. Running it on a full load saves both water and electricity. Front loading washing machines are definitely more expensive than top loading ones, but there isn’t any wastage of water in them.

Fix leaking taps.

The slightest trickle from a tap or in the toilet can cause your tank to drain water much faster. Since every drop counts, it’s better to get a plumber to look into the smallest leaks, and save every drop.

Encourage bucket baths.

It’s not always necessary to stand under a running shower for 15 minutes, or to have a bubble bath for half an hour. On a daily basis, using a bucket for your bath saves lots of water.

Get modern toilet accessories.

The market now has many types of accessories that sense the need for water. So the tap only turns on if your hand is underneath it. Getting them installed is a good way to save water.

Turn off the tap.

Turning the tap off while brushing and shaving is a good way to save water. Similarly, one should encourage household staff to turn off taps while scouring utensils.

Utilize RO backwash water

While RO systems give us pure and sweet drinking water, there’s a lot of wastage in terms of the backwash. This backwash water can easily be utilized to water plants. In fact some people even collect it to use for mopping the house. Don’t turn on the tap to soak dirty utensils. Let them fill with the backwash water.

It is easy to blame the administration for whatever is wrong, be it bad roads or water scarcity. But we as citizens need to do our part to save water within our homes. Not just for today, but also for a greener tomorrow.

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