Automode -Smart Security Camera to Always Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones

Smart Security Cameras can help you pick up on slightest movement or slightest sound, can learn our daily routines, and show us what is happening in and around our homes - from wherever we are. This can go a long way in preventing crimes and keeping ourse

Do you wish you live in Steven Spielberg's 'Minority Report' world (set in 2054), where police is able to apprehend criminals before they commit crimes - based on the fore-knowledge offered by psychics?
That technology is not available yet.

But we do have Smart Security Cameras that can help you pick up on slightest movement or slightest sound, can learn our daily routines, and show us what is happening in and around our homes - from wherever we are. This can go a long way in preventing crimes and keeping ourselves, our loved ones and property safe and secure.

Here is all what a Smart Security Camera can do for you:

1. Home Security Cam that doubles up as Baby Monitor

Sleek and flat Withings Home looks like a tealight holder but is quite a comprehensive home security system. It has a 5MP wide-angle camera with a sweeping view of 130°. Its camera has 12x zoom with auto-enhancement and infrared night vision (allowing it to see in low light conditions too). It can sense motion, sound and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds which can be harmful for human health) as well.

It can save recording for up to 2 days (which can be enhanced at an extra price).

Its best feature is perhaps the lullabies it can play for your baby and the nightlight modes suitable for a nursery.

2. Smart Cam Perfect for Snooping Around

Netamo Welcome Security Camera can detect motion and sound like all others and can notify you as soon as your kids reach home – along with a video clip as a proof. It has a face recognition technology, which means that it can recognize unknown faces and start video-taping their activities. However, you do have to tell it who’s who a few times – and may not work that well in low light.

It can record continuously for one hour. The images it stores does not get saved on cloud – but on a 8 GB microSD card – ensuring that only you get to see what is happening in your home.

The best part it is that when you arrive at home, Welcome does not speak to you but texts you – keeping your secret a secret.

You can increase the sensitivity of the camera when everyone is out, or may set it in a way that it does not keep alerting you every time someone in the home moves around.

3. Security Cam that does not feel like a Spy Cam

Many people are uneasy about setting up indoor security cameras at home – because it feels so much like spying on your loved ones. You can close the lens of the Myfox Security Cam with just a tap on your app – when you think someone at home needs little privacy.

This camera can work in bright light as well as night darkness and saves free recording for only one day.

Myfox camera works much better when synced with its home alarm system – which has a key fob access, window and door sensors and a siren. So, if a stranger tries to enter your home, the camera and the alarm duo can help you nab him in time.

4. Security Camera that’s part of your High-Tech Nest

This exceptional security camera can switch itself on when your smart thermostat is set to ‘Away’. It can click full HD images for you, when your smoke detector senses fire and smoke too.
As a standalone camera too, Google Nest records sounds and motions – and allows you talk to people or pets at home. It means that you can scare off the burglar trying to breach your home security, talk to your dog to get off the bed or just ask your children to finish up their homework – even when you are office!
This one offers you free recording of up to 7 days with super picture quality and the ability to zoom in. The multi-directional head and magnetic mounting are some bonuses that you will love. Pair it up with Nest Aware to increase sensitivity to changes in light, detect sounds, better depth perception and improved night vision.

5. Wireless Security Camera that is Smart, Simple and Tough

Netgear Arlo is a heart-throb of many because it is totally wireless and has a battery life of 6 months! Moreover, it can operate in temperatures that range from -9 to 50°C. It can expand up to 15 cameras - 4 of which you can see live at the same time on the free mobile app associated with it.

It cannot detect noise or cannot sing lullabies to your baby but like a true detective, it offers you excellent video quality (especially its night vision). You can download whatever you are watching live as mp4 too – and can access video footage of up to a week from the cloud.

Step out of home in peace now. Technology is there to protect you and everyone who matters to you!