FOOD : Swaad Matki ki Kitchen Ka

Burning here, the chefs are upto something at SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara. Yes, the many colors of Festivals of India and a grandeur that matches the spirit of every festival in Mathura is set to paint our tables with Mouthwatering Delicacies.

A day to Day affair with a finger licking vegan food is the sort of craving you get here. And this food is special to India, its tradition and the Science of Food, `Paak Kala`. Heard of it? No, then come learn with us.

Seen the sizzling pictures of Kachoris in Dubki wale Aloo, or the Kulfi made with mango and ofcours the burni of Pickles with the Papads stacked over each other. Oh what a Sight! We all love food but to experience the taste is something you get here amidst the most serene surroundings and the Divine Goverdhan Parvat.

And hear a story or two of the makhan chor Krishna with a mouth drooling butter raised from most loved Cows. The one thing He stole from the Gopis of Braj.

Although as the famous saying goes, 'Ghee Banawe Khichadi Naam Bahu ko Hoye' meaning `Although its the oil or the butter that adds taste to the Khichdi (an Indian Food Delicacy), The Daughter-in-law gets the credit'., But so is not the case here, enjoy the roasted Indian Delicacies with the untouched Indian flavour and spirit at Matki, The Restaurant.