AUTOMODE : TECHNO goes Life - basics

The little basic of a busy life but easy way. All you have to do is be online and on the cloud.

The first Peek of the day is the buzz of that mobile and then being a social media geek does not make it any easier to keep a watch on my profiles, pages, friends, request, ads, photos on and on. Ever Since I started work, ONLINE is the word I bow to.

Too many Devices, Macs to iPhones and Tablets- have it all but where is the Data - IN THE Cloud. Last I went to some place and forgot my ID(a prequisite for entry), the passport scans on m iCloud saved me the return. And so are these, the 5 daily doses I so survive on:

Go CLOUD - A lot of options exist. Icloud is the best if you own a phone and a mac system too. Else I personally use dropbox to collaborate with teams. I change, format or use one too many times and its just easy.

Contacts ONLINE - No more transferring contacts from 1 phone to other. Just save On mostly your Gmail Id or Talk about iPhone (it just happens, you don't need to do it).

Messages- Emails are old. WhatsApp Viber or Links to resources are all that you need to operate your daily work. I love to see my mail empty.

Presentations - On your phone or tablet - The keynote makes it so easy to make presentations on the go and share. I even practice making small animation clips out of sudden idea bursts.

Face to face- ConCall & Facetime is all good to go at instant. And sometimes viber, saves me the freedom to move wherever whenever. Always Online.

I wish Internet worked much more normally atleast and we could race ahead.

Note: Apple works a wonder for me even without Internet most of the times. Biased.