The Bigs of Interiors

Color white
The white its is the bigger it would look. A strong recommendation for walls and flooring of small rooms such as store, lobbies and passages is the use of white color whilst cladding options include paint, corian or wallpapers. And flooring wooden be cosier to stone tiles be grand.

The curtains
Not just to obstruct the view or the light but a home with curtains is certainly more cosier and vibrant than than a home with just walls.

The furniture
keep It lean and simple to work with hues of colors such that every day seems like a festival. And to fiddle around, we obviously need some cushions.

Books Around
The one thing that never going to get anyone bored. Keep some magazines or books in all rooms for even the no readers read when time is.

No wires
In the times of automation we don't talk about wires out but wires in and wifi around to connect all your gadgets. Let the gadgets fit in the house.

The Barriers
Straight cut planks of wood or glass will do enough to minimalism and still save you from falling. Let the railings not dominate the scene.

One Piece at a time, and making your room look like a king of the house. Maybe its your picture.

The science of Vastu
Under the bed, on the right and over the top, its the science of healthy living. Leave space under your bed, open the eastern windows and let the rooms breathe. Knowing that the sun is the hottest in South east, let the fire of the kitchens burn there. Let the view of Himalayan Mountains be the direction of your room and your bed on the south to west. No scrap and you are comfortably cozy in a vastu house.

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