The Cycle of Energy

Energy is infectious and knows no bounds unless one learns to tame it.

Every relationship signifies a world full of expectations and a thoughtful fulfillment of those expectations. In the same way, Universe willingly gives us the rays of sunshine and expects us to replenish its energy. A thought is nothing but a energy and in it we have the power to make or break this world. The world around us is a reflection of us, our mood, our thoughts, our sight, our smell and our senses. There is so much and its all about energy. Energy is infectious and you with that energy do make a whole lot impact on this world. The way I smiled at you, you would smile too. My happiness could overpower your sadness or my passion could prove your confidence. But I am still an Indvidual and you are an individual. You dont become dependent on me but you absorb the energies around. And that good energy vibrates through your soul to clear out the confusion in the ecosystem. The only way we can give back to someone is through positive energy and that means we need to be at peace with ourselves, whether today goes or tomorrow comes. Today universe demands you to be happy, to be passionate, to create, to sustain, to spread such that there is a fragrance of your aura.