LIFESTYLE : The Nuclear Joint Living Arrangements in or out

LifeStyle Blog – Know the unique features about Nuclear Joint Living Arrangements, it’s make a sense for both the older and younger generations.

They might not cook to feed a clan, nor do the daughters in law dress up like an Ekta Kapoor serial; but joint families are increasingly on a rise, even outside the silver screen. There is a change in the way families are perceived by both the older and younger generations, and the new joint family is here to stay, albeit with some very unique features of its own.

Either set of parents

While traditionally a joint family meant the boy’s family only, things are different now with many a woman opting to have her own parents live with her. This has also happened as men are no longer the sole bread winners. With economic independence, women feel their family has an equal right to be with them, and rightly so.


The mothers in law of today have typically gone through a phase of not having enough personal space. This makes them empathize with their daughters in law to a great extent. When both generations feel comfortable with each other’s friends, it’s a harmonious situation.

Doing things together

In the new joint family set up mothers in law happily accompany their daughters in law to a movie or a spa visit. Getting facials and pedicures together, going shopping or just hanging out at a café is quite normal for both generations. Not feeling left out is a major concern, and this is a smooth way to eradicate it.

Shared chores

The biggest issue with joint families previously was the burden of household chores falling on just one member. But in the new joint family set up, mothers in law are usually happy to help around the house. So while the daughter takes care of dinner, the mother might prepare breakfast for all. The main point is to understand the limits of each member.

Same building, different floors

A new trend for the joint family system is people living in the same apartment block, but on different floors. This allows for both privacy and space, while knowing that your family is just next door. In this set up families typically have one meal together, while the others are as per convenience. This works when both the husband and wife are working outside the home, and parents don’t want to feel like house sitters. With both generations free to come and go as they please, and entertain as per their comfort, this set up makes a lot of sense.

The modern joint family is not about touching your elder’s feet daily or thinking that your daughter in law is out to snatch your son from you. It’s about understanding the role the other has to play in making it a “family” and respecting them for the same.  It’s about finding your space and letting others have theirs too.