WEDDING : The wedding Wows and Vows

Wedding Blog – Wedding in not just only a celebration, it a mutual commitment between two people to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Dulhan (bride) resplendent in a gorgeous lehanga, her bangles and anklets clinking gently every time she moves, her wedding jewels adding to the glow on her face, the Dulha (bridegroom) waiting anxiously to get on with the ceremonies, an altar that looks like a fairy grove, fresh flowers perfuming up the evening, the venue decorated to look like an ancient palace – these are just few of the Wow factors at any wedding. Add to it good wishes from friends and family, guests dressed up in traditional finery, world cuisine buffets, a shehnai player soothing the senses, and a starry night. You could be excused for thinking that these “wow” elements complete the wedding.

But a wedding is much more than just the celebrations. It is a commitment two people make to spend the rest of their lives together. Vows taken in front of a fire are considered holy and binding forever. In a traditional Hindu wedding, as the bride and groom circle the Holy Fire, they recite the Saptapadi or seven steps. The Dulha leads the Dulhan in the first four steps, and in the next three she leads him ahead.

THE FIRST VOW is a commitment to health with the bride and groom promising to provide a healthy and nutritious diet for the family, and avoiding foods that are harmful to healthy living.

IN THE SECOND STEP the couple asks for God’s blessings as they promise to develop physical, mental and spiritual powers.

As they circle the fire THE THIRD TIME, the couple vow to protect and increase their wealth by honest and rightful means and proper usage.

THE FOURTH VOW highlights the importance of trust in a marriage with the bride and groom promising to be truthful and trustworthy to each other, on the path of happiness and harmony.

As the bride comes forward, the couple prays for strong, virtuous and heroic children whom they promise to be responsible for. This is, in a way, a promise to the continuation of life.

THE SIXTH STEP is a vow of self-restraint and longevity, a commitment to respect and honor the partner.

Finally, the bride and groom vow to be together always, a commitment to a lifetime of companionship and happiness.

THE VOWS in an Indian wedding are as much a commitment to each other as to a righteous and fulfilling lifestyle for the couple, and the family as a whole. The Wows of the wedding might fade from memory as life progresses, but the Vows are for keeps.

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