WEDDING : Things that make you go oops at destination weddings

Wedding Blog Ė 6 Things that everyone should know if they planning for perfect dream wedding at perfect destination. A small list of things you can expect to go wrong and how to avoid them for Destination Wedding

Youíve planned the perfect dream wedding at the perfect destination and nothing can go wrong. Right? Not quite. Many couples find, to their utter horror and dismay, that destination weddings donít necessarily mean perfect weddings. Hereís a small list of things you can expect to go wrong, and how to avoid them.

1. Weather woes
Weather can be a major spoilsport. Imagine planning a tropical wedding and then being caught in a sudden storm. Make sure your resort has indoor space to accommodate your guests in case of sudden weather changes.

2. Clash of events
Many a wedding has been ruined by another ongoing event at the same destination. Check beforehand that no events clash with your wedding day. Not only does it intrude onyour privacy,you also wouldnít want a noisy party ruining your first dance on a romantic number. If possible, book the entire venue.

3. Not enough notice
Attending a destination wedding is not the same as attending one in the same town. If you donít give your guests ample notice, they may not be able to arrange for leave. Plus last minute tickets would either be unavailable or exorbitantly priced. If you really want people to attend your wedding, let them know well in advance where they would be headed and when.

4. Wrong attire
A thick suit or a multi layered dress might be fine if youíre getting married in the Swiss countryside, butjust because you like the outfit doesnít mean itís suited to your destination. If your wedding destination is a beach or an island, take a second look at your choice of fabric. You donít want your make up running because youíre perspiring like a pig.

5. Guests forgetting their medication
If you are getting married at a really offbeat location, a guest forgetting their regular medication can be a major problem. Check and recheck with your guests that they are carrying all they need. And make sure your venue has an emergency doctor on call.

6. Going over budget
This is one of the most common mistakes one makes. Just because itís a destination wedding, you are not obliged to pay the airfare for all your guests...unless you want to of course. Plus, itís a dream locale. You really donít need to spend so much on flowers and dťcor. Let the scenery add the beauty and magic to your wedding.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and thatís why you are going for a destination one. Take care of some essential points and it will be the wedding of your dreams. At BrijVasundhara, our experienced team will assist you with the considerable planning and research to make it a successful affair.We look forward to turning all your wedding dreams into reality. Quick Contact for Destination Wedding in India