LIFESTYLE : Top 5 New Year Resolutions and why you are likely to break them

LifeStyle Blog – New Year Resolutions gives 5 unique ideas of promises you can make this New Year, motivational, Healthy or Families take your pick.

It’s that time of the year again – we are busy taking stock of the year gone by and planning to do something for sure next year. New Year resolutions are going to be made in all earnestness, and then broken even faster. Here’s a look at the top 5 New Year resolutions people make and break:-

1. Lose weight

You’ve made a firm resolution to lose weight next year. The diet charts are in place, the exercise regime mapped out, the latest walking shoes are in your cabinet, and you’ve even got the latest workout music on your I-pod. All set, you decide to go on one last binge on New Year’s Eve. Party tonight and then start the diet tomorrow. But the cake doesn’t get overtill the next day, the wine bottles are stillhalf full, and the kebabs are too expensive to bin. There goes your New Year resolution….broken before it started.

2. Quit smoking

Smokers know more about the ill effects of smoking than anyone else, and year after year they make a resolution to quit smoking. This usually lasts half a day. After all you need a cigarette after a heavy meal, or there’s too much tension and smoking clears up your mind. Worse excuse – I’m so happy, I need a smoke.

3. Reduce spending

Every year as we sum up our expenses, we decide we’re going to be more careful with our finances – shop less, eat out less frequently, and generally cut spending. What actually happens is that the sales all over town, and now all over apps, are too good to let go. That you weren’t planning to buy anything in the first place is a different story altogether. Then, all your friends have planned a lunch at the latest joint in town – how can you not go with them? And if you realize you haven’t exactly reduced spending, blame it on inflation. After all you did bargain with the vegetable vendor for the free green chilies and coriander!

4. Spend more time with family

While we might start the festive season with our families and feel good that this is one New Year resolution on the right track, keeping it up throughout the year is a tough task. Work commitments often lead to the breaking of this resolution, and we are the poorer for it.

5. Enjoy life to the fullest

The euphoria of the year end break, and the innumerable pictures posted on social media by your friends make you decide to live life to the fullest in the New Year and enjoy every day. Reality check – bills need to be paid and deadlines need to be met. Most people end up working on weekends too, forget taking a break.

You’ve probably made one of these resolutions and are determined to go through with it. But in case you fall short, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not alone, and you can always try again next year.